What To Do When You Hate Your Job

Do you really thank god every time Friday comes around? The most obvious reason for that could be that you hate your job! -


Do you really thank god every time Friday comes around? One of the reasons could be that you don’t really like your job. Most of us spend a large part of our time at work. From Monday until Friday (if we’re lucky enough to have Saturdays to ourselves), we devote hours to what we do for a living. And if your job is something that you happen to hate, then you must do something to change that. Of course, quitting your job and moving on to another one sounds incredibly easily. But the truth is that jobs aren’t so readily available. And what guarantee is there that you won’t hate that job, too? The solution to this problem is fairly simple and straightforward.

Examine the problem

The first thing to do is ask yourself what it is about the job that you hate. There are several facets to every job. The key responsibilities of the role, the clients, bosses and co-workers, the timings and commute, etc. are all facets of the same job. You need to identify what exactly it is about your job that you dislike. It could be something like differences with your boss, your timings, or the tasks that you are required to perform. 

Focus on the good things

Once you know what exactly it is that makes you hate your job, you can begin to focus on the other positive aspects. Maybe you like spending time with your co-workers, or you enjoy the commute from home to work, or you like some of the things that you achieve as part of your role. Identify some of the perks that make this job worthwhile for you and shift your focus onto them.

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Talk to your boss

After getting a clear picture of the positives and negatives of this job, it’s time to talk to your boss. Discuss your problems and challenges openly and honestly with your boss so that you can mutually work towards finding a solution. Remember that it costs a company much more to hire someone new in your place, so if they value you, they will gladly make certain adjustments for your sake. However, ensure that your discussion with your boss is constructive. Don’t simply criticise the company and spout negativity about your time spent there. Instead, focus on some of the reasonable changes that can be made to make the job more comfortable for you. If you prefer to work a different shift, then bring that up in your discussion. If you find that your tasks aren’t challenging enough, feel free to ask for a different set of responsibilities if your skills and experience allow for it.

Remind yourself of the reasons

We take up a certain job for particular reasons. The reasons could vary from the need for money to enhancing your skills. We may also take up a job with a larger career goal in mind. You may not love everything about the job, but it’s important to remind yourself of why you took up the job in the first place. If your reasons still stand, you should work to make the job a happier one.


Regardless of the problems that you face at work, it is likely that a reasonable solution can be worked out. Instead of dreading your job and trying to run away from it, you only really need to do a few things. Figure out the main issues, focus on the positive, and talk to your boss about finding a solution so that you can finally start loving your job!


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