5 Things That Make Good Employees Quit

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Good employees leaving their company is a costly and unsettling situation for the organization. Yet, most of the times employers fail to understand the actual reason behind valuable employees quitting their jobs. The most common assumption is that such employees quit their current jobs to get a jump in their careers, essentially their salaries.

Most good employees quit their jobs not for the new opportunity itself but because of the dynamics with their present manager. The saying “People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers” sums it up only too well. Employees, when working for an organization, are most closely involved with their team and the manager. The essence of the company is secondary and the relationship between employees and the managers is their key experience in the workplace.

Managers need to understand what they are doing wrong and make an effort towards improving the experience of employees in the workplace.

The following are some of the most common mistakes that managers make in this regard.

1. Overworking Productive Employees

Instead of motivating underperforming employees to work harder, managers tend to take the easier route of overburdening their productive employees with extra work. A recent research at Stanford University discusses how per hour productivity falls very fast when workload exceeds 50 hours per week.

The first step towards handling such situations should be to stop making your employees feel as if they are being punished for their good work. Motivate the underperforming employees to work harder so as to reduce the burden of too much work on a few employees. Raise in salary, promotions and bonuses are good ways to communicate that their hard work is paying off.

2. Not Rewarding Good Work

Some employees are motivated to work when their work is appreciated; both through monetary appraisal and public recognition. Managers often tend to ignore that employees have their personal goals as well for which such rewards are essential. For some it will be a raise while to others it will be public recognition through a change in title; whichever way fits the situations better, rewarding good work is an important factor to retain valuable employees.

3. Promoting the Wrong People

Promoting the wrong person offends valuable employees who have worked very hard towards getting a promotion. Instead of being appreciated for their hard work with a promotion, they have to see another employee being promoted without deserving it. This is one of the major reasons of high attrition.

4. Not Allowing Employees To Pursue Their Passions

Valuable and brilliant employees are often passionate about something or the other. Some of these might be related to their jobs, while some of these passions might be outside the scope of their jobs. A manager who doesn’t allow an environment where employees can be passionate towards anything they wish to, it has a negative impact on the productivity and job satisfaction making good employees wanting to leave the company.

5. Failing to Provide Challenging Work

A manager’s role is to develop the professional skills of their employees or at least create an environment where employees face challenging and rewarding work. This is important not only to provide them with work satisfaction, it also inculcates new and improved professional skills in employees. When people have to do boring work on a daily basis, they feel as they have nothing to learn from their current job and start looking for other opportunities which are more challenging and will help them improve their skills further.

Amongst many other reasons, these are the major concerns which a manager should consider when facing high attrition in the team. Employees should be treated as individual human beings with their own skills, qualities and passions. Managers should hire the right people in their team; people who are productive and act as an inspiration to other members of the team.

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