6 Hiring Problems to Solve in 2016

To hire the best candidates for the job, the focus should be on reaching out to as many jobseekers as possible while making use of an effective pre-screening mechanism.


Hiring processes in organizations have not seen much change when compared to the change in organizational dynamics over the last two decades. While organizations have constantly been improving their workplace experience, why is it that the experience of joining the workplace remains tedious?
From using heavy jargon in job descriptions to asking redundant interview questions, there are many common issues that are ignored. While these issues don’t affect the immediate hiring process, they bring about great damage in the long run.

Here are some hiring problems that we must look to solve:

1. Sourcing from a single talent pool: When sourcing for candidates using online job portals, many recruiters only go to the biggest pool of candidates. 46% of recruiters find it very difficult to find the right talent in such large pools and yet they choose it for their convenience. Niche talent pools or a number of different talent pools can be used to improve the sourcing process. The better the sourcing channels, the better the talent you find in the end.

2. Heavy or generic job descriptions: When posting job descriptions, many recruiters use heavy jargon to explain jobs. Such explanations are very generic and don’t exactly explain to the readers what the job actually is all about. Moreover, using industry jargon extensively confuses the readers. Instead, simple text which correctly explains the day-to-day job responsibilities and the growth one can expect should constitute the job description.

3. Inadequate screening process: 52% of recruiters agree that screening the right candidates to interview from the large number of applicants is the most difficult part of the hiring process, while 77% of them also believe that most screening processes are insufficient. Interestingly, the most important part of the hiring process is the one with the most inadequate tools and processes. There have been many breakthroughs which can solve this issue, one of them being MeraJob’s SmartProfile™. It improves the screening process by offering a better alternative to cluttered resumes, allowing you to hire at ½ the cost, in ½ the time.

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4. Improper planning during interviews: Only 26% of candidates are explained what to expect in the interview process. When you are going to hire future employees from a pool of candidates, allowing them to know the exact process would help them prepare in a better manner. Also, making each candidate feel welcome during the day of the interview is essential. 83% of candidates have said that a bad interview experience can change their decision about joining a company. Found the right candidate? Don’t make him feel that yours is not the right company.

5. Interview feedback: It is important for recruiters to find the right candidates, and when they do, they focus on the next step of making the offer and negotiating with them. However, all the candidates who appeared for the interview process, including the ones who were not selected, are interested in knowing the outcome. Providing feedback to all candidates is vital to depict a positive employer brand. 67% of candidates have said that they prefer companies who stay in touch and provide feedback to candidates.

6. Be open to negotiation: Despite the common conception that most companies are open to negotiation, only 18% candidates get to negotiate for a better offer. If you are taking in hardworking candidates and intend to make them work to their full efficiency, it would do more benefit than harm to allow them to negotiate on their package. When employees are allowed to negotiate, they don’t feel cheated when they join the company.

Some of these hiring problems when handled properly help build a more employee-friendly hiring process and improve the overall workplace culture. MeraJob has not only solved the screening issue through SmartProfile™, it is also one of the most preferred talent pools for backend and entry-level jobs. For more useful insights, keep following our blog. For all your recruitment needs, we are just a call away–092-666-66699 (9:30AM TO 7:30PM DAILY).

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