SmartProfile™ vs CV: The Smarter Choice


How long does it take you to read a typical CV, if at all do you read everything on it? There’s so much information and yet you can’t be sure if any of it is relevant and/or accurate. The CV is perhaps the last thing you can depend on if you’re looking to make the recruitment process simpler, quicker and cost-effective.


– There’s always more information than you’d like but less than you’d need.

– The CV omits many important parameters for assessment such as the applicant’s language and communication skills, ancillary skills, comparison with peers, intent to join etc.

– It is rarely well-drafted and effectively presented so as to convey the details relevant to the job at hand.

– There’s no guarantee that the applicant’s details are accurate.

– You can never ascertain when it was last updated. Many applicants may not have access to the Internet to create their CVs, let alone update them.

– You have to sift through a very large number of CVs to shortlist candidates for the interview, without being sure that you’re making the right choices. It makes the recruitment process slower, longer and more expensive.

When the CV is the problem, MeraJob’s SmartProfile™, a proprietary CV, is the solution.

MeraJob’s SmartProfile™ offers MULTIPLE ADVANTAGES:


The SmartProfile™ is an all-in-one pre-screened document that makes the recruitment process quick, efficient and cost-effective.

With the SmartProfile™, you will know in one glance as to who the jobseeker is, what he/she is looking for and how well he/she fits the part.

It is an easy-to-read visual document that presents every little relevant detail about the candidate that will help you make a more informed choice when it comes to hiring the right person for the job.

The SmartProfile™ captures the candidate’s experiences, preferences and expectations, along with other details like language skills, ancillary skills, daily commute, likelihood of showing up for the interview, comparison with peers, and more.

It offers a unique FitScore, which is an evaluation of how well the candidate is matched to your job description.

It is created and routinely updated by our tele-recruiters who follow a standard protocol and verify the accuracy of the information provided by the jobseeker.

Jobseekers do not need to have access to the Internet as our recruiters communicate with them through multiple channels. This opens you up to a whole new segment of potential candidates.


Don’t let the CV keep you from the best candidates! Make the smarter choice with MeraJob’s SmartProfile™.


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