Are You Making These Mistakes While Screening Candidates?

Screening candidates is perhaps the most important step in the recruitment process.
With MeraJob's disruptive pre-screening solution, you can make smart and cost-effective hiring decisions.

Screening candidates is an important step—perhaps the most important one—in the recruitment process. However, it also happens to be the step at which most recruiters falter. With the lack of an efficient screening process, companies inevitably make the wrong hiring decisions.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that recruiters make while screening candidates:

  • Relying only on the candidate’s CV: It is no surprise that a large percentage of candidates that you come across will have “enhanced” their CVs to make their credentials and experience look better. Relying solely on the CV, which is a document prepared by the candidate, is never a good idea.
  • Not asking the right questions while screening: By asking superficial questions that do not indicate anything about who the candidate is and how well he/she would perform in the job, recruiters fail to set up a filter to screen the right kind of candidates.
  • Interviewing candidates who just aren’t cut out for the job: If the candidates aren’t screened efficiently, recruiters end up interviewing candidates who are not suited to the job at all. For instance, if the candidate is visibly introverted and poor at communication, a PR or marketing job just isn’t suited to him/her. Interviewing the “wrong” candidates significantly increases the recruitment costs.
  • Relying only on the interview: The interview is but a one-time interaction with the candidate. There is only very little that it will tell you about who the candidate is and how well he/she will perform in the role.
  • Not checking references: A large number of recruiters don’t check the references cited by the candidates. This, of course, takes us back to the point of exaggerated CVs and unreliable and inaccurate information.
  • Discounting an “overqualified” person for the job: There is rarely going to be a perfect match for the job. And if an “overqualified” person is interested in the job, he/she could potentially have a lot to offer.
  • Lack of communication among hiring authorities: Effective communication between the ones who make the hiring decisions is important for making smart decision.
  • Hiring hastily to fill vacancies: Hiring people hastily—without checking references and going by all the claims made on the CV—can be a very bad idea. Instead, recruiters should work on maintaining pools of past, present and prospective candidates, so that even as the need arises, they can make informed hiring decisions.
  • Not providing a detailed and accurate job description: A vague or incomplete job description invariably results in a surge of applications, making the job of shortlisting candidates a long, tedious and expensive one.
  • Not selling the job and company: Recruiters often forget that hiring is a two-way process. Just as candidates work to sell themselves, recruiters must sell the role and the company so as to build enthusiasm in the applicants and attract the best talent.

MeraJob gives you one simple solution to the many problems you are likely to face while screening and recruiting candidates.

MeraJob’s SmartProfile™ is an easy-to-read visual document that captures all the relevant details of the candidate—experience, qualifications, skill sets, preferences, and more—in a single document that is professionally created by our Recruitment Executives. With the SmartProfile™, you can be assured of accurate, detailed and regularly updated information about the candidates so that you can make smart hiring decisions. Moreover, MeraJob uses an algorithm to keep you connected with the SmartProfile™ of the candidates that are best suited for the jobs you are hiring for.

Build your employer’s brand, enhance your search for candidates and make the best hiring decisions with MeraJob!

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