Can Skilling Redefine the Indian Job Marketplace?

For recruiters in India, skilling is the need of the hour. Statistics reveal that 95% of India’s labour force does not possess formal vocational skills. and NSDC are addressing effectively and responsibly one of India’s greatest socio-economic challenges.


Why Skilling and NSDC are the need of the hour for Indian recruiters

The 15th of July this year will mark the first anniversary of World Youth Skills Day, which is also the anniversary of the Skill India campaign in India. This is a good opportunity to think about how skilling will be such an important contributor to India’s and the world’s economy.

According to a recent report by City & Guilds Group, 95% of India’s labour force does not possess formal vocational skills, while 91 per cent feel threatened that their skills will become obsolete in the next five years. These are worrying numbers for the workforce, and for organisations, in an economy that’s targeting high levels of growth.

This lack of skills is not just leading to inefficiency of the person at her/his role, but also impacts quality of life by affecting confidence and interpersonal dynamics. This has a huge impact at the macro level.

Staffing is now more and more about specialised and skilled jobs, even at the lower end, and the difficulty of filling positions with the right candidates delays the function of Human Resources. Quality of hire is hard to ensure under such circumstances.

The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, is spearheading the government’s efforts towards the goal of Skill India, to provide training to enrolled students in various in-demand skills for Banking and Financial Services, Electronics and IT Hardware, Retail, Logistics, and many more.

Recognising the potential of this workforce,–as India’s 1st job matching portal– has taken up the mission to find jobs for as many of these enthusiastic and skilled youth as we can by using our advanced technologies to match them to the right role. The NSDC has appointed as an Innovation Partner for using technology to meet this need. This way the training they are enabling is actually utilised, and the nation as a whole benefits. receives job postings for 65% of job categories where NSDC imparts skill development training, which means that we can achieve a complete fit in terms of skills and also intent.

That is the end goal for all recruitment activities, whether it is at the top level or at the mass level. Bridging the gap between the right jobseeker and the right job is’s mission, and being Innovation Partner to NSDC is one of our biggest leaps forward.

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