9 Basic Skills Your Employee Should Have

How to dress for a job interview.

While the following skills will read as very “basic”, recruiters often complain that employees fall short on many of these counts.

These 9 skills are useful across most employment sectors and industries. When looking to hire, look out for the following essential skills in candidates. If the candidate has demonstrated such skills in his/her previous jobs, then he/she is bound to be a good hire.

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1. Communication: Basic language skills—both verbal and written—are essential for all kinds of jobs. Employees must be able to write and speak clearly and effectively, if not perfectly.

2. Computer: In most jobs, it is expected that employees have basic computer processing skills and are familiar with introductory word, spreadsheet and presentation.

3. Customer Service: The services industry continues to grow and most of the jobs being created today are customer-oriented. For the employee to have a good sense of customer service is essential. This includes greeting customers courteously, being attentive, responding in time, etc.

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4. Learning: With the advent of information technology and social media, the dynamics of every workplace are changing. Employees must be open to learning a variety of new skills from various sources to continue to work effectively.

5. Basic Math: Basic computational skills, the knowledge of basic statistics and knowing how to read basic data is crucial to every kind of job.

6. Organisation: Employees should be able to organise, plan and schedule their work on a regular basis so that they do not forget or overlook important and urgent tasks.

7. Problem Solving: Regardless of the role, every employee should be able to do some critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving.

8. Research and Information Gathering: This is connected with many of the aforementioned skills. To be able to look up the Internet to troubleshoot existing problems, or to collect data for the purpose of a project, are skills that every employee should have.

9. Teamwork: No matter what the job is, where it is and what it entails, there is likely to be a team working on it. Employees must be able to work harmoniously and productively with co-workers and clients.

Over time, the list of essential skills will change as workplaces continue to evolve. In the current scenario, these are the 9 basic skills every employee should have.

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