The Key to Hiring Successfully


A successful enterprise is the product of its people. The one key to making your venture a success lies in hiring the right people. Skilled, motivated and efficient employees will help create and drive strategy, implement projects creatively, connect with customers and will greatly enhance the performance of the company.

The project of hiring new people is not an easy one simply because there is too much to be taken into consideration all at once. To begin with, you cannot be sure if you have been able to reach out to the best candidates out there. Secondly, you cannot gauge from their CVs many things such as their skills, preferences, behaviour in previous jobs, intent to take up this job, etc. Moreover, there are very many qualities that you seek in a candidate but with time and money being dominant constraints, you are rarely convinced that you’re hiring the right person.

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Here are five pointers that can help make the hiring process simpler and more effective.

1. Why you are hiring for this post? You must know what you want to achieve in the company by hiring for this post. The reason could be anything from needing to increase the sales, offer better customer service or develop new project ideas.

2. What are the skills required for the task at hand? Once you have a clear idea of what you wish to achieve by hiring this person, you must ensure that the candidate has the requisite skills, professional experience and licenses/certifications to effectively implement the task at hand.

3. Calculate the compensation: It is crucial to understand the marketplace and to know how much your company can pay for this job.

4. Outline the Job Description: A clearly outlined job description will not only help you assess candidates more effectively, but it will also help the candidates gain a clearer understanding of what the role demands from them and what they stand to gain from it.

5. Devise a recruitment strategy: Discuss within your company as to which employers will make the best recruiters. The recruiters and interviewers must understand both the company and the task at hand very well.

While you keep the aforementioned pointers in mind, MeraJob makes the hiring process significantly easier and more cost-effective for you by pre-screening candidates and connecting you with the ones who match all your criteria. We take into consideration everything about the candidate—his/her professional experience, ancillary skills, job preferences, experiences with previous employers, intent to take up this job, etc.—so that we can shortlist the best candidates from the lot.

With MeraJob, not only will you be hiring the best candidate, you will do so in a much simpler, faster and cost-effective manner. For a successful enterprise, you must hire successfully. And MeraJob helps you do just that!

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