The needle in the haystack: Finding the right employees in India

Finding the right employees

Welcome to 2014 – and a whole new India.

Liberalisation, globalisation, the internet boom, customers, jobseekers and employers – India today is totally different. Today, companies want to expand and grow quickly, but finding job seekers to match job requirements of the job is a huge challenge for employers – especially in the mass recruitment segment.

Let’s look at the stats.

How do you find great employees and potential hires for this sector? The guys that keep your company running smoothly, i.e. the low end white collar guys? According to the India Skills Report 2014, 34% of employers hire for these positions through portals, 7% via social media and 16% use consultants – all further indications of a changing India, as it is revealed that only 4% of employers use print ads! The report also indicates that we can expect this pace of change to only accelerate.

Overwhelmed by the hay.

Employers hiring in the mass recruitment segment for lower-end white collar jobs face many challenges today. While it’s not too difficult to get overwhelming responses from candidates on job portals, increasingly employers feel that this same response is the problem and not the solution.

Traditional CVs provide extremely limited information to employers for roles such as field sales, call centre agents, front-end roles in hospitality and tourism, delivery staff, back-office. Assessing the skills, language proficiency and preferences of job seekers related to location, shifts, can only be done by meeting candidates. Most importantly, records of past behaviour and intentions of the job seeker are unavailable – when in fact these variables most decide the likelihood of success in hiring the right persons.

For example?

Let’s take the case of an online shopping company that needs 50 new delivery boys overnight. All traditional means will fail – quite simply because none of the existing systems can produce both quality and quantity of viable candidates within timelines.

What’s the bottomline?

In India today, the question is about balancing contrasts: find the employee with the highest skills and fitness for the job, within the least time and budget.

The solution? A magnet that can always find the needle. – a disruptive and innovative solution which helps employers gain a solid link to a large, reliable database of jobseekers in this spectrum.

Based on the concept of an employment marketplace, MJI offers a unique pre-screening solution on a large curated database of job seekers which are classified by core skills and not just roles. In a way this unique solution is a hybrid between job portal and a consultant.

The proprietary SmartProfile™ which is practically a super-charged CV or a CV++. With the SmartProfile™, MJI reaches out and creates profiles for mass job seekers who do not have CVs. Furthermore, it captures and continuously updates data on skills, preferences and intent of job seekers. By maintaining constant contact with job seekers, it also creates a powerful history of behaviour of job seekers e.g. would they show up for interviews, average tenure in jobs, types of roles they are interested in.. Overall, the SmartProfile™ is a better, faster and more accurate solution than CVs.

A multi-channel approach to finding applicants using traditional and new media. MJI’s unique reference program and missed call platform are already being embraced by job seekers in large numbers.

Pre-screening customized for the role at hand is combined with powerful data analytics and scoring models such as a “Fit Score” and “Intention Score” which help the employer hire faster and hire right.

More than anything else, MJI offers you, the employer, a way to find not just one, but a whole pool of candidates currently relevant to your needs with reliability, speed and reasonable costs.

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