How Job Portals Can Make the Work of HR Easier

New-age job portals make the work of HR easier.

Sourcing candidates who will be the best match for the openings in the company is more complex than it seems. Hiring and retaining the top talent in the organisation to keep the turnover rate to a minimum is a multi-faceted challenge that must largely be addressed by the HR of the company. When looking to hire for entry-level positions in the mass hiring segment, this problem becomes infinitely more complex.


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The new-age job matching portal (job portal 2.0) can help address some of these hiring challenges.


Essentially, the following elements comprise the HR’s role in the company. Here’s how job portals can make the work of HR easier:

-Sourcing better candidates: The USP of a job portal is that it enables employers to access a much wider segment of candidates. MeraJob’s partnership with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation), Ministry of Skill Development, Government of India, NCS (National Career Service, which already has a registered user base of 36 million jobseekers), Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India and PMKVY (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna) enables millions of jobseekers across the country to signal their presence, which has thus far not been possible on traditional job portals.


-Identifying reliable candidates with accurate information on their CV is a big challenge in the mass hiring segment. MeraJob’s SmartProfile™ is a CV++ that captures the candidate’s key details in an easy-to-read infographic format. The SmartProfile™ is a pre-screened and accurate document.


-Inviting relevant applications: It is important to make sure that your job ad and the JD are as concise and specific as possible. In addition to that, MeraJob makes use of SMAC to match relevant SmartProfiles™ to the job.


-Shortlisting candidates: An efficient pre-screening mechanism can cut down the cost and time to hire by half. By choosing one among the multiple customized pre-screening solutions offered by MeraJob, you can shortlist the most relevant candidates and reduce both the time and cost spent on hiring.


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Scheduling interviews: When you set up job interviews for these pre-screened candidates, you are bound to have a high conversion rate, making the hiring process fast and efficient.

-Hiring the right candidate: With a streamlined hiring process, you will be able to make a suitable offer quickly. One of the surefire ways of hiring top talent is to expedite the process of making an offer.

-Retaining talent: The success of your business depends on the people you hire. But it seems to depend more on retaining the people you have hired.


With job portals 2.0 such as, recruiters can be assured of sourcing relevant and reliable candidates, thereby ensuring a much more efficient hiring process. By making use of MeraJob’s partnerships with NSDC and NCS, and with the customized prescreening solutions on offer, the job of HR becomes significantly easier.


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