How to Choose the Best Job Portal for Hiring Candidates

Identify the best job portal for hiring the right candidate by looking out for effective and relevant pre-screening solutions.

The advent of the job portal in the ‘90s was responsible for transforming the recruitment process. Sourcing candidates became infinitely easier and recruiters suddenly had access to millions of jobseeker profiles at the click of a button. But, like with all inventions, traditional job portals seem to have their share of limitations that have become increasingly apparent in the current hiring scenario.

In the case of these job portals, there are too many candidates all at once. This is why job portals are no longer the solution for employers hiring for specific needs. For one, there are inaccurate and imposter candidate profiles. It is nearly impossible for recruiters to tell which candidates are genuinely interested in the role and which ones who will end up being a waste of their time and money. More importantly, for the mass hiring segment, there is absolutely no mechanism in place to filter out the best candidates. In a country like India, there are several jobseekers in the mass hiring segment that don’t have an online presence. In such scenarios, the recruiter’s problem cannot be addressed by the standard job portal.

The need of the hour is the new-age job matching portal. The idea is to match the employee with the best suited candidate for the job. Additionally, an algorithm to verify profiles, sort them as per relevance and put in place the requisite pre-screening solutions is non-negotiable. When looking for the best job portal for hiring the right candidate, look out for the following.

-Accessibility of candidates: A cutting-edge job portal is one that doesn’t restrict itself to candidates with only an online presence. In the Indian market, there is the need to reach out to candidates who are in remote locations but could be suited for various job profiles. This is, of course, extremely relevant in the mass hiring segment. Candidates who are not able to signal their presence on other job portals or who are not able to create their CVs are a significant resource for recruiters. MeraJob’s partnership with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Ministry of Skill Development, Government of India, National Career Service (NCS), Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India, and PMKVY (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna) make it the only job portal in India that reaches out to this large segment of potential candidates.

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-Verified and accurate profiles: The traditional CV comes with more limitations than advantages. Recruiters rarely know if the information on the document is accurate and authentic. With a document such as MeraJob’s SmartProfile™ that captures the candidate’s key details—including skills, experience, preferences, behavior data, etc.- in an infographic format, recruiters can assess right away if the candidate is a relevant fit for the job or not. More importantly, with the use of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and The Cloud), the matching of relevant candidates to job openings is enabled.

-Pre-screening solutions: To hire at a much reduced cost and time, the pre-screening of candidates on job portals is necessary. With MeraJob’s array of pre-screening solutions, recruiters don’t have to spend their time and money on candidates who will not convert to potential hires. Unlike in the case of traditional recruitment methods, hiring managers no longer have to process every single CV that comes their way. With a more focused approach to shortlisting candidates, recruiters can hire best matched candidates at ½ the cost and in ½ the time.

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In addition to the aforementioned parameters, it’s equally important for the job portal to be user-friendly—not just for candidates but also for the recruiters. While it should allow the recruiters to post a variety of jobs across industries (with multiple listing options, of course), it should enable the candidate to search for and apply to as specific a role that he/she may be looking for. Needless to say, the process to apply for the listed job should be as simple and straightforward as possible so as to encourage candidates. Meanwhile, the pre-screening mechanism filters out the irrelevant applications.

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Additionally, recruiters must also ensure that the portal has a fair active to passive candidate ratio. Looking for a portal that is referral friendly is yet another important criterion.

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