Huge push by Skill India for skill development

To enable productivity, it is crucial to close the skills gaps in your team. The first step to doing that is to understand where the problem lies.

The government of India has just announced a big push for generating employment for its citizens. As part of the Skill India programme, the union government will spend Rs 32,000 crore (approximately $4.8 billion) over the next 3 years to provide skill development for the youth. Out of this the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) will provide Rs 12,000 crore (approximately $1.8 billion).

Everyone is searching for skilled candidates

“There is a huge demand for short term skill development programmes in services sector. The Centre has focussed both on long term and short term skill development schemes” said Minister of State (Skill Development and Entrepreneurship) Rajiv Pratap Rudy.

He also shared an interesting anecdote, “The Ambassador of India to Japan met me and said if we can give 10,000 boys who are skilled, the Japan government is ready to take them. There is not only a shortage of trained workforce within the country, the world is looking towards India for a trained manpower.”

The government has set itself a target to facilitate 1 crore jobs in the next one year, and to have a vision for skilling is in sync. Both of these missions running in tandem will mean careers and remunerations can be commensurate with a person’s qualifications, and balance the often skewed placements we have heard about.

“BTech graduates were not getting even Rs 5,000 due to lack of proper job skills. The income of some welders in the country is more than that of IAS and IPS officers. But, the welders have no proper recognition in the society. We want to produce professors of welding, plumbing, carpentry and others,” Rudy said.

So where can employers find these skilled job seekers?

MeraJob has also recognised the need to match skill development with recruitment to root out inefficiencies in traditional recruitment. The costs to the company and the candidate are high if job-matching is not done well. Which is why we are introducing a Skills Marketplace to bring course providers under one roof for job seekers.

Here, career-boosting programs can be viewed and training companies can be contacted by those who are looking to enhance their profile. Moreover, our sophisticated engines can recommend the right courses to a candidate by analysing their job search history and past qualifications.

We also have a tie-up with the National Career Service (NCS) and are bringing jobs to their registered user base of 36 million. Through this relationship we are also going to add value to job seekers by offering these skill courses to these 36 million individuals, for many of whom getting a job can be a challenge otherwise.


If you want to find out more about how you can list your course here please write to or call 099 587 77313.

If you are an employer and want to advertise your job openings to 36 million+ job seekers please write to or call 092 666 66699.

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