Is Your Careers Page Getting You Enough Applications?

Similar to recruiters doing extensive research on candidates to find the right fit for their organizations, the candidates themselves are increasingly searching for and shortlisting companies based on their own preferences. A company’s website is the first place top talent looks into while doing their research. And what part of the website are they most interested in? Well, of course the Careers Page.

The Careers Page has recently been found to be the #1 source of hires.

Being the most visited page by employment seekers makes it an important channel for employer branding.

Research by LinkedIn has shown that 39% top talent leaders think that utilizing social and professional networks are something that needs to be invested in (40% for India) and the second most emphasis at 33% is to be on upgrading employer branding (35% for India). Optimizing the Careers Page stands only at a 15% approval (17% for India). But when it comes to the channel used for promoting employer brands, 73% believe that the company website is the most important way to do so.

Other methods aside and strictly speaking for the purpose of convincing the right talent to apply, the Careers Page generates the most online traffic in this regard, making it the main platform for prospective employees to understand whether the company is suitable for them or not. Recruiters have to realise the importance of this page and pay due attention to make it appealing.

The following are some suggestions which can be used to improve the effectiveness of your Careers Page:

Introduction: The Careers Page should not only act as a portal to apply to jobs. It should also act as an introduction to the company by engaging visitors and informing them about the workplace, the life of their employees, and other useful snippets.

Pictures: A picture is worth a thousand words. 90% of information that we take in is visual. Enrich the page with pictures of the workplace culture and activities that your current employees partake in. This helps the candidates visually imagine how working at your company would be like.

Social media strategy: Use your social media portals to promote current openings and direct viewers to the Careers Page. Chances of candidates looking up your social media profiles than directly visiting your website are higher. Syncing these channels together will help garner a better response.

Have great copy: Headlines, descriptions and other textual information should be catchy and engaging and should coincide with the image and perception of your company brand. If your headline isn’t catchy enough, poeple are unlikely to read the rest of the text.

Let employees speak: Have employee testimonials on the page, and let them talk about the opportunities and perks at the workplace. This lends a personal touch to employer branding.

Power words: The use of power words helps to generate interest in the candidates. Using words like ‘learn’, ‘create’ and ‘improve’ over words like ‘work’, ‘job’ etc. can make a big difference.

The ‘APPLY’ button: Make the ‘Apply’ button stand out from everything else. It should be easily located as soon as the candidate enters the Careers Page and should be easily available as soon as the candidate is convinced to apply.

The Application Process: The process to submit the application should be convenient and simple. Rigidity should be avoided. For instance, the options to fill up an employment history form and to submit a resume should both be allowed rather than just a single alternative. Make sure that it not the process itself which makes the candidates leave the page.

Beyond these suggestions, the most important is to constantly work on using the Careers Page as an opportunity to bring a good face forward to prospective employees. The Careers Page, however necessary for employer branding, cannot alone lead to a cost effective hiring process. MeraJob’s hiring solutions can be a complementary aide for all hiring related needs. With multi-channel sourcing and a database of 2 million plus active jobseekers, along with customized pre-screening solutions; partnering with MeraJob can help you find relevant candidates in an easy and cost effective manner.

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