The CV is dead


What problems do HR managers face with Resume or CVs ? HR managers tell us that they face a multitude of problems while hiring for roles/industries such as Call centre, Field Sales, Customer Service, Back-Office or for lower end roles in hospitality, telecom and BFSI.

Here’s a concise list of key problems faced by managers in entry level mass hiring segment:

  1. Too many applications, letters, mails, CVs and resumes- most of them are not relevant
  2. Outdated information which is irrelevant to your current hiring requirement
  3. Lack of data with respect to jobseeker preferences
  4. No data about jobseeker’s intent to join or past behavior
  5. Increased lead time for telephonic or in person interviews
  6. Related cost and effort of screening and interviewing them
  7. Low conversion rate of candidates interviewed versus final hires
  8. Low ROI through existing candidate sourcing channels in finding suitable candidates after all of the above

How do you solve a problem like the CV?

Imagine if there was one single pre-interview document which gave you all the necessary information to hire candidates.

All you would do is speak to interested candidates and pay for CV of interested candidates with the requisite skills.

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