MeraJob Helps Ex-Army Men and Women Get Second Careers

Second Careers for our brave Ex-Army Men and Women

After giving their best years to serving the nation and protecting her people, ex-army personnel (officers, junior commissioned officers, other ranks) often find themselves in search of a second career. This is a challenge for most of them because they have worked for the same organisation for years and transitioning to civilian roles becomes tricky.

At MeraJob we know that finding the right job is a hurdle, which when overcome becomes one of life’s greatest opportunities. Our men and women in the armed forces have exceptional talents, hard core skills, and are also top-notch administrators. This usually means they are in high demand, but among limited takers.

To bridge the gap between these well-groomed and dependable ex-servicepersons, MeraJob has forged a partnership with the Army Welfare Placement Organisation (AWPO), a welfare and non-profitable organization providing jobs to Veterans, Veer Naries and their wards since 1999. AWPO has pan-India reach with over 150,000 active jobseekers, from ages 30+ to 60+, ready to work in trades, and up to company director levels.

MeraJob will match this incredible base of jobseekers to jobs on our networks, and will also enthusiastically gather more opportunities for them. Major General Deepak Sapra, MD of the AWPO, proudly says of these ex-army personnel that “Each of them is an administrator, multilingual, background-checked, and very reliable. We know that once someone has hired an ex-army personnel, they will want to hire more for every role they have.”

Harish Pandey, Unit Head of Sourcing at MeraJob, who is himself from a proud army background feels these candidates will add great value to employers. “These men and women have been trained to perform under all circumstances. Their skills have been regularly updated, along with the fact that each person has administrative experience. I’m sure that any employer who hires one among them will have made the best choice.”

Employers who are looking for multi-lingual BPO workers, mall or office service leaders, security teams, drivers, engineers, cooks, inventory managers, accountants, and many more, can get their job requirements fulfilled with confidence through MeraJob.

Although these brave men and women and their wards have given their all for the nation as officers, they still have a lot to offer as civilians. We hope to bring them this bright future and better lives.

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