Conventional job portals are gradually becoming out-dated in India and across the world


Till the 90’s, a typical day in the recruiters life was to sift through hundreds of job application arriving via post, reading and matching the ideal candidate with the job. The IT era and the dawn of job portals in the 2000 changed the whole process of physical selection and recruitment to an online system. The new entrants which came later in the decade disrupted the monopoly of portals by shifting their focus from jobseekers on to recruiters to help them find quality recruits. But the story just begins here, spending hours to screen through the irrelevant job applications, filtering the identification of candidates, matching skills to the job still remained a challenge and a time consuming part despite the intervention of technology.

Needless to say, job portals are becoming out-dated; they are changing gears from just any ordinary database portal to a Job matching service. But what were really required were smart solutions to screen, select, interview and hire. is one such Job matching service portal with assisted model for both jobseekers & employers and which offers unique pre-screen solutions to employers at 1/2 the cost, in 1/2 the time. The biggest advantage is that employers only get to pay for the relevant smart profiles and not the Cv’s.

The pre-screening solution knocks out the irrelevant job applications and help recruiters source relevant candidates based on preferences and skills from among the 5, 00,000 active jobseekers database captured in the smart profile-the proprietary product. The portal allows candidates to answer specific knock out questions so that only those with near “intent” of joining & right “fit” for the job role are selected. It sends smart tickets of interview dates and follow up questions along with interview details and feedback on the program.

This is not all, other than the smart hiring solutions, relationship managers support employers and recruiters to set up campaigns and brand building. In this internet age, where job portals 2.0 are driven by mobile phones, social media and analytics, MeraJob follows a multichannel sourcing strategy searching candidates from social media, missed call platform, Inbound, Recruitment centres and online.

This is not all, provides and online application tracking system for employers, along with the feedback loop on rejected & accepted candidates. Employers can also review candidate’s skill and assessment results, audio recordings of the Job seeker’s interviews to understand their movement across the different levels of the hiring funnel. additionally has created solutions for the jobseekers as well to address their challenges- in creating an effective resume, getting exploited by unscrupulous agents, over dependence on friend referrals and local recruiter and residing in remote locations. has understood that a majority of candidates lacks guidance on the interview process, questions to be asked, conduct and attitude etc. To extend support and value beyond MeraJob’s professional recruiter’s team is trained to engage the jobseeker and handhold them through the application process. This is not all they also send interviews tips and other important information of the industry to facilitate smooth sailing for the candidate. The tele-recruiters are available to chat or speak for 14 hours a day all 7 Days a week round the year.

Are job portals becoming out-dated? In this internet age, where job portals 2.0 are driven by mobile phones, social media and analytics, they are changing gears from just any ordinary database portal to a Job matching service offering smart solutions to screen, select, interview and hire.
Smart Profiling, Smart screening, Smart assisting and Smart Hiring is what is all about. An online platform for employers to review progress, access profiles and provide feedback.

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