India Inc. on a Hiring Spree

Hiring activity

Hiring activity has especially picked up in fields like sales, information technology (IT), trade marketing and banking

According to Moorthy K Uppaluri, chief executive officer, Randstad India, his firm has witnessed a “surge of activity” in recent months. “Clients are asking us about proposals; mandates are opening up for permanent recruitments and extension or expansion of contracts on flexible jobs—where the employee would be on Randstad rolls—which would provide these resources to clients,” he says. Randstad is the world’s second largest HR service provider

Hiring activity has especially picked up in fields like sales, information technology (IT), trade marketing and banking. Several sectors including technology, ITES (information technology enabled services) and multinationals, for expat-related jobs, have also started looking for fresh recruits. Apart from top IT companies, in recent months, ecommerce firms and public and private sector banks have also been busy in their hiring activities.

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The interesting trend in IT industry is the increased demand for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). This model is used frequently in situations where mass hiring needs to be performed and the entire hiring process is outsourced.

There are various reasons why the industry is upbeat about hiring:

  • The industry is expecting stable governance in the near future and has more confidence in expanding business plans.
  • Global business trends have invigorated the Indian companies as well leading to fresh recruitment.
  • The central Government has initiated new measures and moves to improve the level of business activities.
  • NASSCOM is actively working to prepare non-metro cities as IT and BPO hubs leading to massive demand for manpower.

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