The ‘Smarter’ approach to attracting new talent


Staffing companies are fast adopting the Smartphone approach to attract new talent

According to a recent report by NDTV, staffing companies are fast adopting the Smartphone approach to attract new talent. According to the news group, “A significant rise in use of smartphones has led staffing firms to increasingly focus on mobile recruitment strategies some of which let a jobseeker to apply for an opportunity in less than a minute.”

“We do have a mobile recruitment strategy and all our digital assets are mobile friendly. We largely leverage the mobile proliferation in India to connect with the candidate ecosystem,” Randstad India CEO Moorthy K Uppaluri said.

TeamLease Services senior vice president Kunal Sen said the recruitment firm has developed a smart job app which would allow a jobseeker to apply in less than a minute, including uploading of resume, if required, and allow jobseekers to get updates on their applications.

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In fact, mobile is not the only new avenue being explored, staffing companies are increasingly leveraging social networks like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube for image building, marketing, publicity, customer relations and market research purposes. These are the platforms where the maximum connect takes place with young and promising jobseekers.

According to Indian Staffing Federation executive director Suchita Dutta, “Staffing firms increasingly looking to attract top talent are striving towards engaging candidates on social media platforms and communicating their organizations’ culture and strengths.”

India is among the top countries in the world with a phenomenally high penetration of smartphones and Internet with the youth being the main users of these technologies. As a result, it is logical that staffing companies would want to leverage these platforms to connect to their key audience.

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Not just staffing companies, but even the direct employing companies now frequent the social media platforms to enhance brand visibility and create interest among potential jobseekers.

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