The CVs of Men and Women


A man and a woman with the very same qualifications, experience and credentials are likely to present themselves very differently on their CV—and that is bound to impact your decision on which one of the two to hire.

A detailed analysis of the CVs of men and women in the tech field has pointed to some telling differences in the way the two genders draft this crucial hiring document. It has been noted that while women tend to have longer CVs, they often fall short on the details of their roles, previous jobs, etc. On the other hand, men are seen to keep their CVs relatively brief while including precise details of their roles and the projects that they have worked on.

The lesson to be learnt here is that while men and women create their CVs in a distinctively different manner, this difference does not point to any underlying gap in their competence or credentials. Despite being equally well-qualified and competent, one gender is likely to create a more accurate and useful CV than the other.

This trend, however, has an impact on the hiring decisions made by recruiters. It is no surprise, therefore, that the tech industry is visibly male-dominated. The gendered style of the CV poses a problem for recruiters: how are you to know if the candidate is presenting himself/herself accurately and to the best of his/her ability in the CV? In that light, should the decision to hire be determined by a document such as the CV?

MeraJob allows you the opportunity to look past the CV to hire the best people. MeraJob’s SmartProfile is an easy-to-read visual document that captures all the relevant details of the candidate—experience, qualifications, skill sets, preferences, and more—in a single document that is professionally created by our tele-recruiters. With the SmartProfile, you can be assured of accurate, detailed and regularly updated information about the candidates so that you can make smart hiring decisions. Moreover, MeraJob uses an algorithm to keep you connected with the SmartProfiles of the candidates that are best suited for the jobs you are hiring for.

It is time to look past the inconsistencies of the CV—gendered or otherwise– with MeraJob’s SmartProfile.

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