The Key Drivers of Talent Acquisition Today


What is talent acquisition and how is it different from effective recruitment? Hiring to fill vacancies is one thing, but talent acquisition (TA) is a far more multifaceted process than simply recruiting employees for a firm. To put it very succinctly, TA strategy enables recruiters to make significantly better decisions about attracting and retaining talent. TA is one of the key factors that improves overall business and in turn bolsters the TA performance of a company.

One of the key things about hiring that companies must understand is that recruitment can never be effective if it continues to be a one-dimensional process. It is crucial to understand that candidates are of all kinds and each candidate brings something different to the table. Moreover, there are many kinds of jobs and roles for which one needs to hire. Therefore, it is important to make use of the evolving technology to connect with candidates across several media through various channels. The approach to reach out to and stayed connected with candidates should be widened and diversified.

The TA function involves hiring managers (or TA leaders) and recruiters. By systematically developing the TA function, a company can greatly enhance its business.

There are several factors that have been seen to work as drivers of talent acquisition in the current scenario. Among them, the two key drives are:

1. Maintaining a good and effective relationship with hiring managers: This has been noted as one of the most influential drivers of talent acquisition today. While it may not seem like a very important factor for recruiting and retaining talent, it has been observed that an effective relationship with the hiring manager(s) enables the recruitment team to make better hiring decisions. Moreover, it also enhances the way in which the value of TA is perceived in the company.

2. Working on candidate pool development: Developing a candidate pool of past, present and prospective candidates is seen as the second most effective driver of TA. Instead of waiting to start the recruitment process as and when the need arises, recruiters should focus on continually building diverse pools of talent. To engage with these candidates (past and prospective) and to sustain communications with them is one of the best TA strategies.

Some other significant drivers of talent acquisition today are social media campaigns, employment brands, TA programmes, and ongoing training for managers and recruiters. However, with the millennials joining the workforce and technology continuing to evolve, there is bound to be further development in the TA function. However, TA strategy—as opposed to the traditional recruitment process—is necessarily about taking into account these changes and reshaping its function accordingly.

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