Pamper your Employees differently next Diwali

In fact the corporates today dole out huge amounts in cash, gifts and incentives of various kinds to retain and reward their key employees

Diwali has traditionally been a festival for giving gifts and pampering our loved ones. However, since about two decades this trend of giving gifts on Diwali has extended to the corporate circle too in a very big way.

No longer are companies content with just giving a box of chocolates or sweets to their employees. In fact the corporates today dole out huge amounts in cash, gifts and incentives of various kinds to retain and reward their key employees. In this blog, we share with you some trending ways in which companies pamper their employees during festivals now.

5-star buffets

Many companies distributed 5-star couple buffet vouchers to their employees so that they can have a fulfilling meal along with their loved ones and have a memorable experience to cherish for long.

Spa treatment

The spa industry is growing very fast in India and has become a new means of self indulgence. A spa treatment is extremely popular among the youth and hence the employers too see it as a means to create delight for their key employees. Very often, spa deals are handed out for 5-star venues for an evening of pure indulgence that refreshes the mind as well as body.

Adventure trips

Who doesn’t want a day of adventure to break the monotony of daily life? Such adventure trips not only provide fun and challenge, they are also avenues for building team spirit among employees.

Weekend getaways

The more generous companies do not limit themselves just with an evening-out for employees. They go to the extent of offering weekend getaway deals to 4-star and 5-star hotels within or around the city. These are mini-holidays that an employee can enjoy with his wife or special person and escape the hustle-bustle of city life for a couple of days.

Cash and jewellery

Some companies prefer to stay with the traditional flavour of Diwali gifting by offering cash bonuses and jewellery to their employees. Although an old trend, yet these are two things that never go out of fashion and continue to offer happiness to the recipients.


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