Placement Consultants – grow your business with SmartHire

Placement Consultants – grow your business with SmartHire

[To start growing your business, please follow this link You can also contact us at, or +91 8802482800.]

A placement consultant’s job can sometimes be thankless. You take each vacancy given to you with full seriousness. Then you dig deep into your database and find high-probability candidates and reach out to them. Finally, you sell the benefits of a company (client) you have only now heard of and convince candidates to give interviews. And, for all your hard work, you can lose your reward because of one bad interview.

All the hard work, not enough of the rewards.

That’s why we invite you to join MeraJob’s SmartHire platform, where your efforts pay off, literally.

SmartHire is a collaborative platform which brings employers and consultants together with maximum benefit.

As a placement consultant you will get the following benefits:

  • More revenue while focusing on your core job – Let employers find you through us, and start delivering candidates immediately. Spend less time searching for clients, and more time searching for candidates.
  • Get paid for your efforts – A transparent rate-card approach means you earn for your efforts, even when a candidate doesn’t get hired. An Applicant Tracking System that is visible to all, also helps to track which ones come from your data so you don’t miss out.
  • Use cutting-edge technology for your work – Our advanced machines and algorithms make searching databases much easier, while also giving new insights to data you already have.

This means you can add revenue to your business, with no investment at all.

How it works is that when an employer wants to use a bigger database and bring in more parties to search for the right candidates, our platform recommends consultants like you for their need. This is based on the location, industry, function etc, and is designed to make the best match between the employer and consultant.

When you start to send highly-qualified and well-selected candidates then you will automatically start getting more interest from employers and hence more business opportunities.

By signing up with MeraJob’s SmartHire, you become part of a fast-growing network of recruitment where you potentially reach a national market, and get access to new job vacancies every day.

To start, please follow this link You can also contact us at, or +91 8802482800.

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