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SmartScreeen by MeraJob

Hiring doesn’t need to be stuck in the past. Hours spent going over CVs, contacting candidates multiple times, hours lost waiting for no-shows…these don’t need to be your daily headache.

That’s why MeraJob has been working with recruiters and business owners to identify and address each pain point, on our journey to make a truly seamless digital recruitment platform.

SmartScreen brings candidates from multiple channels on to one user account for you. Here you can slice-and-dice the data any way you want and find the right candidates:

  • SmartProfile – Essential candidate details are captured on a SmartProfile which is much more dynamic than a traditional CV. Eg. You can see which candidates have a higher intent to join a job using Fit Score and Intent Score
  • Semantic matching – Powerful machines and smarter algorithms brings you the search results you really need based on your job details
  • Candidate tracking and communications systems – Don’t lose track of who’s where in your hiring funnel. You can also reach out to individuals with email and SMS templates to get more information about them
  • Open architecture platform – Work with all internal and external stakeholders in your team using our collaboration-friendly dashboard and features.

You may be wondering, “These features are fine, but how does it help me with my bottom line, ie finding candidates fast so that my boss will be happy with my results?” Don’t worry, that’s always been our starting point:

  • With SmartScreen you cut down on time spent as our machines do most of the heavy lifting for you
  • Multi-channel sourcing, and the collaboration architecture, help in maximizing the candidate pool and bring transparency and speed at every step
  • Our data complements your experience to deliver better conversions based on machine learning

MeraJob’s SmartScreen wins over other offerings in the market simply because it is built around you. It learns from your usage, it offers you the chance to collaborate with people you trust (by inviting them to join your search), it presents and organizes data that is easy to read and act upon.

So, make a move to smarter recruitment using MeraJob’s SmartScreen today!

To start, please follow this link You can also contact us at, or +91 9266666699

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