Why the CV is not the answer to your hiring needs

Often inaccurate and unreliable, the CV is not the answer to your hiring needs.

For jobseekers across market segments, finding a job has always been a great challenge. At the same, for employers to hire someone for a job (especially in the mass-hiring segment) has been equally difficult. With enough jobseekers out there and enough employers in need of these jobseekers, where does the problem arise?

You may have a clear and detailed job description, yet rarely does a candidate seem to fit the bill. For one, this is the result of a skills gap. While it is astounding that about a significant number of graduates in India are not employable in any sector of the economy, it is also true that the blame does not rest squarely on the deficiencies of the education system.

Jobs in the low-income sectors, such as BPO, sales, hospitality, etc., only require the candidates to have very basic skills. It is certain that among the large numbers of jobseekers that there are for such roles, there ought to be very many who match the job description. However, it is not surprising that employers never come across such candidates because the traditional recruitment models fail on many counts.


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The problem arises when recruiters begin to rely on the CV to find the right candidate for the job. With the advent of job portals 2.0 such as, it has become fairly evident that the CV is an outdated document.


The CV is not the answer to your hiring needs

-Jobseekers are unable to create CVs: 

A large number of jobseekers applying for jobs in the low-income sectors do not have the skills and/or resources to create a reliable and convincing CV. More importantly, there are millions of jobseekers in India who are skilled, however they are unable to signal their presence to employers. MeraJob’s partnership with NSDC and NCS allows employers to have access to these millions of registered jobseekers.


-The CVs are not accurate and capture little about the candidate:

Employers often go by the CV as the last word on everything that the jobseeker has to offer. However, it is important to keep in mind that a candidate’s CV is not always reliable and accurate. More importantly, CVs do not highlight several other details, such as key skills, preferences, intent to join, past behaviour of the candidate etc., which are very relevant when trying to match the candidate to the job description.


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-Candidates are not being pre-screened effectively:

The traditional recruitment models have remained unacquainted with effective pre-screening solutions.  Instead, they follow the approach of ‘attracting as many as possible’. Such an approach is bound to be ineffective when recruiting at a very large scale and solely on the basis of a CV.

– The CVs found on job portals are rarely updated whereas the jobseekers’ profiles are very transient.

It would be safe to say the CV is an outdated document not only in itself but also as a tool meant to make the recruitment process more efficient.


MeraJob’s Disruptive Recruitment Model

When recruiting at a large scale, what is needed is a more efficient process of pre-screening that brings to the table only skilled and suitable candidates, thereby considerably cutting down on the time and money spent on hiring.


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MeraJob taps into the growing proliferation of mobile phones and social media to reach out to a larger segment of jobseekers. In addition to the disruptive models of accessing jobseekers, MeraJob offers multiple pre-screening solutions to employers.

Upon creating a SmartProfile™ for the candidate, MeraJob tracks and curates profiles, using data on behavioural patterns, the candidate’s skills and preferences.


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Once the willing and capable jobseekers have been identified from among the large numbers that apply, the employers are often willing to further train the candidates. With MeraJob’s pioneering recruitment solution, it is also easy to identity the requisite training interventions for potential candidates.

MeraJob’s SmartProfile™ is an accurate, easy-to-read and comprehensive visual document that captures everything that an employer really needs to know about the jobseeker. The SmartProfile™ effectively bridges the gap between the employer and the jobseeker to bring them onto the same page.


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