MeraInternship – Real work experience

At MeraJob we know what a difference a good internship can make to someone’s career. That’s why we put our interns on to real projects, with real outcomes. With us you can expect a friendly and open work environment with mentors and supportive team mates. You will interact with everyone from the CEO to the staff, understanding organizational structure, while learning and enjoying in equal measure.

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“Very supportive mentors, I think the work culture is amazing and that was what motivated us freshers. Thank you very much MeraJob for giving us this opportunity. I wish I could continue here forever.”

- Vaishali Mathpal - Delhi Technological University

Sheen, Sales Intern – “I was working with email, audio video content and more, which involved a lot of creative thinking. My mentors were very supportive.”
Rupan, Tech Intern – “It is amazing to see that your work is actually live on the site.”

- Sheen Darbari & Rupan Dhiman - Delhi Technological University

“In my time here I have learned a lot about marketing tools and analytics. I worked on a project to create community engagement by planning and creating an online job-related quiz. I am very thankful to my mentors who gave me this opportunity and guided me.”

- Kartik Chhabra - Department of Management Science, Pune University

“The best part about MeraJob is you get to learn so much…your department doesn’t matter at all. I got to interact with the marketing team, management team, sales team and the biggest thing is you can even interact with the CEO of the company.”

- Arpit Aggarwal - UPES, Dehradun

“I would like to thank my mentors and the whole MeraJob India team for letting me work in such an accelerating environment and for helping me learn so much.”

- Abhishek Verma - Delhi Technological University

“We were assigned with individual mentors who guided us at every step and created a context for us to get motivated. I got an opportunity to work with the founders and co-founders which was a great learning experience.”

- Manisha Ashik Bujang – IIM Kozhikode

“The best part about working with startups, especially MeraJob, is you build the company brick by brick and you are a part of that.”

- Prateek Agrawal – IMT Ghaziabad

“What I like the most about MeraJob is the open culture here. Be the senior leadership or the mentors everyone is very accessible and helpful.”

- Priya Kulkarni – IMT Ghaziabad

“Over the course of two months I have worked with many projects and I have learned a lot about what makes a business work and how a company runs.”

- Donapati Rohit Reddy – IMT Ghaziabad

“The best part is the culture is very open. If you have a nice idea and you approach someone they actually consider your idea…”

- Tanisha Parul – IMT Ghaziabad

“The best thing about MeraJob is its inclusive culture. Even as an intern your opinion matters. You are included in meetings and your ideas and they are considered while making important decisions.”

- Tarang Modhia – FMS Delhi

“The best part is you don’t end up with giving suggestions alone, you have to implement what you are suggesting. Other best thing is you have the option to modify your project…to suit your interest.”

- PT Yuganand – IIM Kozhikode.