What is the difference between Pre-Screened SmartProfile™ model and Walk-in model?

  • Pre-Screened SmartProfile™ Model: In this model you only subscribe to and pay for relevant SmartProfilesTM. These profiles are checked for FIT and INTENT before sharing based on your 'Knock-Out' and 'Must Have' criteria.
  • Walk-in Model: As a value added service, we schedule interviews for Pre - Screened SmartProfiles™ for you by sending the Interview Ticket to the selected candidates and addressing their queries related to the interview process.

What are 'Knock-Out' and ‘Must Have’ questions?

'Knock-Out' and 'Must Have' questions are those which are provided by the employers to us to Pre-Screen the candidates. This enables us to check for the basic FITNESS for the role.

For Example

'Knock-Out' questions for a Mobile Handset Salesman

  • Do you know how to use a Smartphone?
  • Do you have over the counter Sales experience?

'Must Have' criteria for an Optometrist

  • A degree/diploma in Optometry
  • 2 years of relevant work experience

Hence, only those SmartProfiles™ are shared with you which meets your requirements.

What is a SmartProfile™? How is it different from a regular CV/Resume?

A SmartProfile™ is a CV++ presenting all the Key Information about the candidate in a Graphical Format, enabling you to make a quick judgement.

Features of a SmartProfile™

  • Captures discriminating information about the candidate and enables quick decision making
  • Matched for FITMENT & INTENT based on 'Knock-Out' & 'Must Have' criteria
  • Unique collection of data points accretive with each pre-screening & job seeker engagement incidence.

How does Pre-Screen candidates?

Pre-Screening is done with help of robust online assessment tools facilitated by highly trained recruitment executives at our Tele recruitment center.

How do I ensure the quality of pre-screened profiles is as per my requirement?

MeraJob will only start working on your requirements once the Job Description (JD) and Pre-Screening are approved by you. We ask our registered employers to give feedback for the first five SmartProfile™ shared which gives us the chance to change/enhance our pre-screening process.

Listing Solution: 

How do I post a position?

New to MeraJob - Go to the Employer Section on our Website and register your company with us in just 2 Simple. A verification mail will be sent to your email id provided at the time of Registration. CLICK the link provided in the mail and you are ready to list your job.

In case you face any issues or need additional assistance, you can contact us at +91-92-666-66699 or email at

Existing Customer – Login using your credentials. On the page where you can see your Listed Jobs, you would find an option to ‘List a New Job’ on the right top corner.

How can I edit a job posting?

Login to your Account. Click on the Job Posting you want to edit and find the option to EDIT next to the JOB DETAILS.

In case you face any issues or need additional assistance, you can contact us at +91-92-666-66699 or email at

How do I delete my position?

Every Job Post you list with us has an option to make it ‘Inactive’ from ‘Active’, and vice-versa at the click of a button.

If you want us to make a Job Post inactive for you, contact us at +91-92-666-66699 or email at

When will my posting appear on MeraJob?

Within 24 hours of posting the Job.

Can MeraJob post my jobs for me?

Yes! We can pull the jobs from your Company Career page and list it on our portal at a Nominal fee.

For details Contact us at or +91-92-666-66699 .

Will I receive updates on the traffic my jobs receive?

You will receive a daily communication from MeraJob for the Applications received on your posting. You may also login and check the status any time.

How long do my Job positions stay on the site if I post?

All the jobs can be listed for 30 days as FREE Basic Job listing. A SmartProfileTM can be unlocked for Rs.50. For every subsequent month, listing of a Job Post is chargeable@ Rs. 250 only.

There are various other Job Listing Options available which come along with extra features.

For more information on the same, contact us at +91-92-666-66699 or email at

What do I do after 30 days of FREE listing to continue having my Job listed?

After 30 days of FREE listing, you can upgrade to Paid Listing or Pre-Screening Plans. To continue having your Job opening listed, you would need to pay Rs. 500 for a month.

For details Contact us at or +91-92-666-66699

Job Categories: 

What are Featured Jobs?

With a plethora of Jobs listed with us, we understand that visibility on the portal can become quite a challenge, which is undoubtedly the most effective way to attract candidates. With our premium listing option of ‘Featured Jobs’, we ensure -

  • Maximum Visibility on the ‘FEATURED JOB’ section – Only 15 Jobs are posted in this section which appears right at the TOP on our Homepage. The Featured Job widget also appears on our Self Improvement & Career Tips page, which is a one-stop destination for Career related queries.
  • Search Result on Top - Assured Visibility to more than 10,000 Candidates daily
  • Higher number of applications for your Job post as multiple JOB ALERTS will be sent to the relevant identified Candidates through MAIL / SMS / WHATSAPP.

Have your Job Post listed as a Featured Job at a nominal fee of Rs. 5000 for 10 days. Call us at +91-92-666-66699 or email at

What are Hot Jobs?

With our premium listing option of ‘HOT Jobs’, we give you - .

  • Separate section for HOT Jobs on our Job Search Page (only 100 Job Posts are selected as HOT Jobs)
  • Higher number of applications for your Job post as multiple JOB ALERTS will be sent to the relevant identified Candidates through MAIL / SMS / WHATSAPP.

Have your Job Post listed as a Hot Job at a nominal fee of Rs. 3000 for 30 days. Call us at +91-92-666-66699 or email at


Why should I register with is India's 1st Job matching portal and we offer candidates who are pre-screened for high FITNESS and INTENT. This helps reduce the time, energy & cost incurred during the recruitment process.

I have forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

No problem! Go to , click on Forgot Password and you will receive an email from us on your registered email address.

Follow the simple instructions and generate a new password.

Pricing & Payment: 

How does MeraJob claim to help me hire at 1/2 the cost?

Our multichannel sourcing ability give us the scale to process large no. of profiles in short duration with an existing database of over 5,00,000 active jobseekers.

These profiles are then converted into SmartProfile™ and are accretive with each pre-screening & job seeker engagement incidence which helps better conversion ratio.

We ensure that a SmartProfile™ reflects high FITNESS and INTENT of a candidate towards specific job leading to significant saving on opportunity cost due to quicker turnaround.

What happens to my money if I have pre-paid but do not avail your services?

MeraJob will refund your amount if you do not avail our services within 3 months.