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90% of the hiring is done by the time the shortlisted candidates walk in for interviews. This is especially true for entry-level job opportunities where the potential applicant pool is large. Filtering candidates who are poor matches or do not have an intent to join helps you focus on the right candidates.

Our basic evaluation of candidates against job-opportunities ensures that profiles are richer and constantly updated, thereby allowing for better matches. The candidates are assessed to ensure that they pass your 'Knock-Out' and 'Must Have' criteria and you don't spend time interviewing irrelevant candidates.

For Example

'Knock-Out' questions for a Mobile Handset Salesman

  • "Do you know how to use a Smartphone?"
  • "Do you have over the counter Sales experience?"

'Must Have' criteria for an Optometrist

  • A degree/diploma in Optometry
  • 2 years of relevant work experience

And, you subscribe to and pay for only relevant SmartProfiles™

Pre-Screening Features

Smart Targeting

Candidates sourced based on stated & inferred preferences & skills captured in SmartProfile™.

Smart Pre-Screening

Screening questions are based on knock out criteria, language assessment & skill assessment.

Smart Reviewing

Easy reviewing of candidates moving through different levels of the hiring funnel. For instance, see how many candidates are in ‘Not Fit’ and ‘Fit & Interested’ statuses.

Smart Tele-recruiting

Tele-recruiter based suitability check & intent confirmation. Also, Value added support such as Interview Setup.

Smart Assessing

Candidates assessed for language skills, communication proficiency etc. which can be administered online or through our tele-recruiter.

Smart Assisting

End to End support to the Jobseeker including Interview confirmation, Interview Setup & Interview Feedback

Smart Audio & Video

Pre-Screening calls recording to ensure language/communication assessment validation. Coming Soon – Mobile Video Interviews

Discover How you can hire at 1/2 the cost with MeraJob

At, it’s our mission to help you hire at ½ the cost of your other recruitment channels .How do we do it ? Our highly efficient Pre-Screening process enables us to identify candidates who are much more likely to match your job requirements (e.g. Skills, location preference etc) and have a real interest in your job opening .

Check for yourself the savings you can make at the MeraJob, India's 1st job matching portal!

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Advantages of MeraJob

Less Effort

Significantly better conversion as the SmartProfiles™ are pre-screened and pre-interviewed for FIT and INTENT

Superior Experience

An online platform for employers to review progress, access profiles and provide feedback


Employer brand coverage on social media, our website and e-mails to ensure high impact

Quality Candidates

Achieve a better match between the Job requirements and candidates’ skills & preferences through multi-channel sourcing