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MTHR 3rd Roundtable Conference 2016: Re-evaluating the Role of HR in Business and the launch of Agent of Change initiative by MeraJob

9th April 2016, MeraJob office, Gurgaon

On Saturday, 9th April 2016, MeraJob hosted the 3rd Roundtable Conference for MTHR (More Than HR). The event saw a gathering of several HR professional across various industries. Anand Pillai, Managing Direction, Leadership Matters, Inc., led the discussion at the event. As a coveted speaker with over 35 years of rich industry experience, Pillai touched upon the emerging recruitment trends and the need to revisit and revise the role of HR in Business. The key question raised by Pillai centred on the vision for the future of MTHR as an organisation. The discussion that followed welcomed the insights of the many participants. Some of the noteworthy points were raised were as follows:

  • Abhay Kapoor from Amazon, India, said, "MTHR has been a combination of unique HR and non-HR professionals, driving people. MTHR India has a long way to go. Practices from global perspective need to be analyzed, customized and implemented."
  • Anju Sabharwal from Vodafone, India, an alumnus of XLRI, with 20 years of HR experience said, "Don't do anything for the next 6 months, and let MTHR be the way it is. Let HR become a community where you support each other, come together as a family and be yourself."
  • Arpita Kulia from NEC India Pvt. Ltd. said that HR is not just about HR; it is a strong body that influences lot of things in a positive way.
  • Saroj Mahapatra, President, HR, Lalitpur Power Generation Company Ltd., Bajaj Group, said, "The world is driven by people, and not technology. Thought leaders should come and join hands so that the school of thoughts come together."
  • Kamna Arora, HR Consultant, spoke about how HR as a profession has evolved from Administration to Talent Acquisition. She also spoke about how to include in it the ‘human factor’ and how HR should work towards reaching out to the student community.
  • Rajesh Diwan, from ELCINA (Electronic Industries Association of India) as an HR professional, targets the students at the grassroots level and comes up with training programs to help them develop skills.
  • Anand Pillai made an interesting point about "bringing back the H in HR" i.e. the human side of an HR professional.

As the host of the event, Pallav Sinha, Co-founder and CEO, provided some useful insights into how MeraJob is addressing the hiring problem that prevails in the mass recruitment segments. With its proprietary products, use of data analytics, and other such pioneering methods, MeraJob provides disruptive solutions to recruitment problems. Sinha touched upon the need for HR to play an intrinsic role in the growth of business.

The event concluded with the launch of the Agent of Change initiative. With this initiative, MeraJob is trying to involve the concerned professionals across the nation in connecting the underserved segment of the jobseeekers in our country to the right job opportunities. In our country, ~1 million youth reach working age every month and the biggest challenge for them is signalling their presence effectively. It is about time that these millions of worthy, skilled and competent jobseekers find the jobs that they are fit for and get mentored by the industry experts. With MeraJob, anyone can become an Agent of Change and participate in building a better India with better lives. Click here to know more.



SHRM HR Tech Conference & Exposition 2015: The most powerful confluence of people, Business and Technology

April 24, 2015 | Palladium Hotel, Mumbai

The conference and exposition, co-sponsored by, showcased the latest advancements & tools in HR-Technology and provided a glimpse of the latest products and innovations.

The speakers were of the opinion that although technology acts as a great enabler in reducing the lead time for screening and shortlisting, human intervention and the process of face-to-face interviews continues to remain important.

The session was moderated by Raman Thiagarajan, founder,, who referred to a survey which stated that 35 per cent of the job seekers felt that though there were plenty of jobs available in the market, there very few relevant to them.

The floor was then thrown open to Aparna Sharma, ex-country head, HR, Lafarge India, who spoke on how technology is aiding mass hiring as well as the challenges in this segment.

Next among the panelists was DP Singh, V-P and head HR, IBM, India & South Asia. He stated that today there are around 1 billion searches on the Web for jobs every month and there has been a 120 per cent growth in the use of mobile apps for recruitment.

The third speaker on the panel, Ravi Shankar KK, director & country head, Harrison Assessments, said that despite all the technologies that come into play, human intervention cannot be undermined.



Transforming the Thinking: Approaches to Retention and Engagement

Feb 18, 2015 Eros Hotel, Nehru Place, Delhi

The event organized by Sodexo in association with Dun & Bradstreet and supported by, began with the release of publication titled "HR Best Practices 2015 – Transforming the Thinking" followed by panel discussion on "Transforming the Thinking: Approaches to Retention and Engagement".

The panelists comprised industry experts including Mr. Pallav Sinha, CEO,, who discussed the current status and future outlook with respect to HR Contribution and how better hiring can help with employee retention and engagement.



Workplace Summit 2020

Feb 6, 2015 Radisson Blu Plaza, Delhi contributed as the Summit Partner in this initiative organized by CorporateShiksha. Organizations such as GlobalLogic, HCL and Cadence also provided their support to the event.

Workplace Summit 2020 brought together India’s most renowned business leaders including Sameer Maheshwari (GE Capital India), Pallav Sinha (, Sameer Wadhawan (Coca-Cola India) and R. Anand (HCL Technologies), among various others.