Frequently asked questions

About Merajob

MeraJob is not a regular job portal. It is Job Portal 2.0 - Unified Recruitment platform, ensuring seamless interaction between and success for all candidates, hiring managers and agencies.

For Candidates seeking Job opportunities, MeraJob gives the chance to make the right impression on employers by highlighting their hard and soft skills. When you register on MeraJob an exclusive SmartProfile is created for you, which is an advanced form of a resume, making it easier for you to find the right job.

For Employers seeking the right talent, our SmartScreen and SmartHire offerings help you source from the widest range of candidates available, and also collaborate with stakeholders on our unified platform to fill vacancies fast. At every step you get the power of analytics to see insights on every candidate at a glance, giving you an unmatched intelligent interface. To track every profile and their status, there is a granular Applicant Tracking System so you are never lost amid numerous profiles.

A SmartProfile™ is an enhanced CV that presents all the key information about the candidate in an easy-to-assess visual format. Some other benefits of a SmartProfile™ are:
  • delivered to you matched for relevance based on your job description, pre-screening criteria
  • not static, but accrued data collected at various points through a job seeker's life cycle
  • make quick assessments instead of snap judgements.
While any set of data will be deeper at certain points, we are confident of serving any job requirement posted with us. Our combination of multiple channel sourcing, and partnerships with the National Career Service (Government of India), the National Skill Development Corporation, Army Welfare Placement Organisation, and many others, ensures that we are geared up to deliver against every requirement.
Yes, we can run campaigns for jobs in any part of the country.

How To Use

Try our services by posting your Jobs for absolutely no cost , and let the results speak for themselves.

You will start seeing (masked) results immediately after you post, so you can decide for yourself whether your needs are being met. Only When you are satisfied and want to start unlocking quality candidate profiles, you can choose to pay-as-you-go or take a subscription plan.

Even after a job has been created we review it (typically in the next 2 hours) against some basic requirements. Some of the reasons that a job may get flagged are:
  1. Duplicate job has been posted by the same employer
  2. Contact details for the employer are mentioned in the job description
  3. Indicates any terms of payment to the job seeker
  4. Goes against our Terms and Conditions
You can edit your job to remove any offending content, or write to for assistance.
Job listings can be edited for minor changes very easily. Just click on that particular job and, when you see the complete details, click on the icon of a pencil. You would be given an option to choose whether you want to repopulate the job dashbaord with new set of candidates as per the updated requirements.
Any profiles you would have unlocked will stay.
  • After you log in, click on the job you want to track.
  • Click on the button that says Track Job
  • You will see the hiring funnel/ATS where you can click on any status (starting with Applied and Recommended) and see the SmartProfiles™ gathered against that status You can change the status against any SmartProfile™ and move them through your funnel
Any profiles you unlocked will remain accessible for you. However, the job will no longer be visible on our site and no more profiles will be added to it.
Instantly! The first set of results will be delivered by our machines as soon as you post and you can proceed to evaluate and unlock them. If you find them to be less than your requirements then more candidate profiles will be added in the next 48 hours.
You need to unlock a profile to see the contact details.
To give you the best results, even for the most detailed posting, we draw candidates from multiple channels. We need the extra time to pull out these profiles for you.
We want to handle the heavy lifting for you and leave you to effortlessly make the end decisions. For this we offer pre-screening, which means we screen SmartProfiles™ for your requirement before presenting them to you.
And this is not just a surface level screening like other portals, but a deep dive into your Must Have and Knockout requirements to match them to each SmartProfile™. In fact, we won't let new applicants submit to this job if they don't pass the pre-screening stage.
If you have requirements that are not covered in the basic pre-screening criteria list, you can write to us at and we can set up custom pre-screening questions for you.
With SmartScreen, the SmartProfiles™ in your hiring funnel automatically get segregated into the buckets of Best Match, Near Match, and Not Fit based on desired criteria.
Additionally, SmartProfiles™ also get rank-ordered by Fit Score, Intent Score and Engagement Score on how best they match your job, giving you the best candidates up front.
Fit Score is a proprietary MeraJob metric that calculates how well a candidate is matched against your job description, and shown as a score.
It includes various factors such as how engaged the candidates are when applying for jobs, what is their (inferred) intent, how was their past behaviour etc.
If you have specified specific must have eligibility criteria for pre-screening SmartProfiles™ for your jobs, Best Match Profiles are those which comply with all your criteria, while Near Match Profiles are those which comply with all but one criteria.
Every Job Post you list with us has an option to make it ‘Inactive’ from ‘Active’, and vice-versa at the click of a button.
Apply the promocode while proceeding to pay on the payments page after selecting the desired product.
Leave it to us to do the hard work. Our machines, and our team of experts, will scan multiple sources and line up the best candidates for you, in your dashboard. Some will be shown instantly, after you post your job, and some will be over the next 48 hours (if needed).


There is no commitment, no pressure from us. We want you to make the best use of your skills and derive revenue by being a partner. You will earn assured payouts for the work that you do, and only you decide how much you want to contribute.
You will get an email/phone call from us, informing you of a job posting that suits you. You can choose to follow it up from that point.
Payment will be made through online transfer or cheque (your preference) in the month after you raise an invoice with us.
Our platform brings all stakeholders, including you, on a unified platform. This way the client can see how their job is progressing, and it also tracks your contribution, and hence your payout. For transparency and accurate tracking everybody needs to use the same MeraJob Candidate Tracking System.
Yes, your payout will be taxed as per the tax rules prevailing in India.


Pricing, like everything else about MeraJob, is flexible enough to suit your needs.

You can choose a pay-as-you-go model if your requirements are limited, or you are new to using MeraJob.

If you have bigger/bulk requirements and you need the most hassle-free option, then you can choose subscription plans.

There are also value-added-services like communication packs and deeper insights, that you can add per your requirements.

For a full list of pricing click here.

We accept payment by Credit/Debit Cards and Bank Transfer. We also offer a digital wallet for our site which you can top up occassionally and keep using to purchase packs. This will be the most convenient way for you to make purchases on our site.
Our packs are priced to offer lower item costs for higher volumes.
Sorry, but we don't refund payments received. As there are no up front costs and our pack sizes cater to all level of requirements, it is our hope that you will not incur any unnecessary payments.