Frequently asked questions

About Merajob

MeraJob is India's 1st Job Matching Portal that also helps you to make quicker and better hiring decisions. Our pre-screening allows you to filter out ineligible candidates, so you focus on only the most fit candidates for your job. You also get the power of analytics to get insights on every candidate at a glance, giving you an unmatched intelligent interface. To track every profile and their status we also give you a granular Applicant Tracking System so you are never lost amid numerous profiles. Move to a modern hiring experience and hire smarter and quicker with MeraJob.
A SmartProfile™ is an enhanced CV that presents all the key information about the candidate in an easy-to-assess visual format. Some other benefits of a SmartProfile™ are:
  • delivered to you matched for relevance based on your job description, pre-screening criteria, and Analytics subscriptions
  • not static, but accrued data collected at various points through a job seeker's life cycle
  • make quick assessments instead of snap judgements.
While any set of data will be deeper at certain points, we are confident of sourcing for any job requirement posted with us. Our combination of multiple channel sourcing, and partnerships with the National Career Service (Government of India), the National Skill Development Corporation, Army Welfare Placement Organisation, and many others, ensures that we are geared up to deliver against every requirement.
Yes, we can run campaigns for jobs in any part of the country.

How To Use

  1. Go to the Employer Section and fill out a quick form.
  2. Activate your account by clicking on the email you will receive
  3. You're ready to post your first job
In case you face any issues you can contact us at 092-666-66699 or email at
  1. Go to the Login page and sign in to your account
  2. One the first screen you will be welcomed with a message asking you to post one
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a job description, pre-screening criteria (optional)
  4. If you have created a job already and want to add another one, click on the button that says 'Post a Job' on the top right of your welcome screen.
Even after a job has been created we review it (typically in the next 2 hours) against some basic requirements. Some of the reasons that a job may get flagged are:
  1. Duplicate job has been posted by the same employer
  2. Contact details for the employer are mentioned in the job description
  3. Indicates any terms of payment to the job seeker
  4. Goes against our Terms and Conditions
You can edit your job to remove any offending content, or write to for assistance.
Job listings can be edited for minor changes very easily. Just click on that particular job and, when you see the complete details, click on the icon of a pencil.
However, we suggest that you don't make any major changes after 2 hours of the original posting since by this time SmartProfiles™ have started getting recommended and some direct applications may also be received. A big change will mean that applicants will suddenly find a different job that what they had applied for.
  • After you log in, click on the job you want to track.
  • Click on the button that says Track Job
  • You will see the hiring funnel/ATS where you can click on any status (starting with Applied and Recommended) and see the SmartProfiles™ gathered against that status You can change the status against any SmartProfile™ and move them through your funnel
Any profiles you unlocked will remain accessible for you. However, the job will no longer be visible on our site and no more profiles will be added to it.
MeraJob is a job portal that helps you make smarter decisions quicker. While we always try our best to deliver in the least time, we cannot make guarantees as to how soon you will see results as that depends on many variables unique to each job. However, in more than 80% of cases you will start seeing Recommended SmartProfiles™ within 48 hours of posting.
Some jobs are harder to source profiles for and it may take longer to see matching profiles. We typically add the first batch of profiles within 24 hours and you will be notified by email.
We are serious about getting you the best profiles and don't add substandard results that will hamper you.
We want to handle the heavy lifting for you and leave you to effortlessly make the end decisions. For this we offer pre-screening, which means we screen SmartProfiles™ for your requirement before presenting them to you.
And this is not just a surface level screening like other portals, but a deep dive into your Must Have and Knockout requirements to match them to each SmartProfile™. In fact, we won't let new applicants submit to this job if they don't pass the pre-screening stage.
When you set up pre-screening parameters you can choose 5 from 15 options which are Must Have and Knockouts. For example, you can say that they Must Have sales experience, but must not be over 27 years of age.
Some other pre-screening parameters are Must/Must Not Have Industry, Must/Must Not Have Function, Must/Must Not Have Education etc.
If you have requirements that are not covered in the basic pre-screening criteria list, you can write to us at and we can set up custom pre-screening questions for you.
When you activate the Analytics pack the SmartProfiles™ in your hiring funnel automatically get segregated into following buckets: Best Match, Near Match, and Not Fit.
Additionally, SmartProfiles™ also get rank-ordered by Fit Score on how best they match your job, giving you the best candidates up front.
Fit Score is another proprietary MeraJob tool that calculates the match of a candidate against your JD as a score. The following parameters are matched between the job seeker and the job:
  • Work Experience
  • Education level
  • Skills
  • Gender preference (if any)
  • Age
  • Location
If you have specified “Must have” eligibility criteria for pre-screening SmartProfiles™ for your jobs, Best Match Profiles are those which comply with all your criteria, while Near Match Profiles are those which comply with all but one criteria.
When you have not specified “Must have” eligibility criteria, Best Match are those which comply to most important JD parameters like:
  • Work Experience
  • Education level
  • Skills
  • Gender preference (if any)
  • Age
  • Location
Every Job Post you list with us has an option to make it ‘Inactive’ from ‘Active’, and vice-versa at the click of a button..


Our packs are the most flexible and affordable ever. There are no upfront costs to registering and posting. When you want to unlock SmartProfiles™ or use our tools (Communication and Analytics Packs) you just pay as you go. And the packs come in sizes as small as 1 SmartProfiles™/50 Communications/Analytics for 1 Job, all the way to 5000 SmartProfiles™/100,000 Communications/Unlimited Analytics. For a full list of pricing click here.
We accept payment by Credit/Debit Cards and Bank Transfer. We also offer a digital wallet for our site which you can top up occassionally and keep using to purchase packs. This will be the most convenient way for you to make purchases on our site.
Our packs are priced to offer lower item costs for higher volumes.
Sorry, but we don't refund payments received. As there are no up front costs and our pack sizes cater to all level of requirements, it is our hope that you will not incur any unnecessary payments.
We do not guarantee hires, but what we do is enable you to identify and reach out to the best candidates through us. This way your chances of hiring are significantly higher than through other sources.