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Merajob Introduces Talent Acquisition Solutions to Mitigate the Problem of Irrelevant Applications

GURGAON, India, January 18, 2016 is the Only Recruitment Portal That Uses Both Online and Recruiter Centre based Pre-Screening, to Match Candidates to the Right Jobs by Skills, Preferences and Behaviour

Speak to any employer and you will be left marvelling at one of the biggest paradoxes of recruitment. Despite as many as 1 million people entering the working age-group in India every month, most employers hiring for mid to low skill levels are finding it more difficult than ever to fill vacancies effectively.


While some of this is attributable to skill-deficit, there are numerous other contributors to this problem. MeraJob's recruitment model is based on the simple insight that just a large number of applications in the form of CVs does not solve the hiring challenge, but only exacerbates it. 90% of the effort in hiring is consumed in screening candidates and eliminating those who do not have the skills, training or relevant experience for the job. This is especially true for jobs such as front-end sales executives, in-store sales, back-office & admin; also for front-desk in hospitality industry, BPO and even others such as web developers and insurance sales, for which employers witness a large number of applications.

Now, imagine that this pre-screening is done by a centralized clearing house and not several times over by different employers. If someone has applied for a front-end sales job for one bank, that information and outcome of application can be invaluable to other similar employers, hiring for equivalent positions. Says Pallav Sinha, Founder, MeraJob, "MeraJob's Pre-Screening does just that. It enables continuous update of candidate profiles and stores all the data, which is retrieved to guide both employers and job seekers to find better matches." Whether the data is behavioural, preference or skill related, it is captured and curated for better matching.

MeraJob launches new-age subscription based recruitment products - India's 1st job matching portal has launched a range of innovative products to address hiring requirements in the mid to low wage and low skill segments. Mass recruitment, as this segment is sometimes called, focusses on roles such as sales executives, back-office and administration, operations, accounting, logistics, and is aimed primarily at people with less than 5 years of experience, as well as freshers. While the solution applies to all industries/companies, MeraJob's products have rapidly gained currency with BFSI, IT, BPOs, SMEs, Internet companies and start-ups.

Raman Thiagarajan, Founder, says, "An effective marketplace not only needs to bridge the gap between talent and opportunities (as classified job sites do), it also has to facilitate effective matching and transactions between the two sides." The latter part is currently achieved either by using recruitment consultants or by HR teams of companies which complete screening on job portal data. MeraJob's pre-screening and job listing solutions combine both access and pre-screening.

To be an effective job portal, MeraJob focuses on the following unique areas of match-making in the employment marketplace:

  • Employers should be able to find candidates that are relevant and interested (versus just finding applicants whose CVs seem to be relevant but where there is little validation of suitability or interest of the candidate).
  • Using enriched behavioural data relating to pre-screening for previous job applications by the candidate, enables more efficient matching. Further, this data analytics and algorithms is combined with human judgment, through a Recruitment Centre to significantly improve the quality of matching.
  • Superior candidate experience where a jobseeker is assisted both online and through the recruitment centre to apply for active and relevant jobs (versus job aggregation portals where several jobs are inactive or candidates can freely apply to jobs regardless of their suitability)
  • Unique features such as 'Interview Now' which allows jobseekers to speak to recruitment experts and obtain assistance in applying within minutes to jobs based on a suitability and interest.

This range of pre-screening and listing recruitment solutions are path-breaking in their highly customisable, requirement based cost effective subscription packages. The offerings are of two types:

Customized Pre-Screening

MeraJob's assessment and pre-screening algorithms use positive and negative selection criteria and stated/derived preferences. By answering some simple questions online and through the recruitment centre, pre-screening enables identification of candidates who are 'Fit' and have a positive 'Intent' for the job. This information is used not only for the hiring campaign in question, but also stored to enable better match-making for future job opportunities.

For e.g. A candidate interested in applying for the role of a PHP developer is asked basic 'Knock Out' questions related to queries and objects. Similarly, for the role of a delivery boy, it is ensured that the candidate meets all the 'Must Have' criteria, i.e., possession of a valid driving licenses and familiarity with a location.

Combining this analytics with human judgment enables MeraJob to channel the most suited and pre-screened candidates to jobs matching their preference and skills, thereby delivering much better outcomes. Which is exactly why employers can now hire in 1/2 the time at 1/2 the cost.

Listing Solutions

This includes branded hiring solutions and job listing solutions:

  • Featured Jobs - Excellent visibility on home page, targeted job alerts and priority in job search results
  • Top Companies - Excellent visibility of company logo on the home page with all the company jobs listed together along with all benefits with Featured Jobs
  • Smart Jobs - List a job for 30 days @Rs. 500 and access all the applied profiles. Additional profiles may be searched and selected for Rs. 50 each
  • Hot Jobs - List a job for 30 days @Rs. 3000 to get prioritized in job search results and receive more applications through targeted job alerts. Access all applied profiles and search and select additional for Rs. 50 each
  • Basic Jobs - List a job for FREE for 30 days. Each applied and searched profile is accessible for Rs. 50

All the solutions come with Search Plus with which recruiters can filter candidates on behavioural information e.g. interview attendance patterns, interest of the candidate in the specific job, answers provided in other Pre-Screening campaigns, etc.

Girish Phansalkar, Co-Founder, who heads Technology and Product, says, "From Day 1, we have built for scale and ensured that all data about the candidate is stored and retrieved to enable better matching."

MeraJob's founding team feels that the roadmap ahead is exciting and includes collaboration and integration of several 3rd party products such as English training; providing access to skill development programs; enhancing SmartProfiles™ of candidates on their portals by providing video interviews and call recording snippets.


MeraJob - India's 1st Job Matching Portal offers Pre-Screening solution for recruiters. Its solution helps employers to hire faster, at lower cost, while achieving better quality sourcing and positive impact on the employer brand. Hence its tagline of "Hire in 1/2 the time, at 1/2 the cost."

MeraJob's idea is to move beyond the classifieds approach of recruitment offered by current job portals with unique features like -

  • SmartProfile™ - A proprietary, a SmartProfile™ is a CV++ which provides a unique visual representation of the candidate's profile, capturing details not available in a regular CV. For e.g. skills, location, intent and industry preference.
  • Value-added services for better hiring and better lives - A whole range of value-added services for both employers and candidates, e.g.
    1. Interview set-up for purchased SmartProfiles™
    2. Skill assessment tools
    3. Job tips and assistance to help deserving candidates find better jobs
  • Application Tracking System - Which enables a hiring companies to move candidates between various stages of the hiring funnel and focus on the best ones.

With over 500,000 curated SmartProfiles™ and close to 1,000 employers registered on, the portal is already India's No. 1 Pre-Screening company, which is transforming how candidates and employers find a more efficient way to discover each other.

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