Field Operations Supervisor


Field Operations Supervisor

  • Location Mumbai; Navi Mumbai; Thane
  • Exp. 3 - 5 years
  • Salary ₹ 16,000 Per Month ( 1.92 Lacs Per Annum )
  • Education Graduate
  • Gender Male/Female
  • Age 21 - 32 years

Job Description

Roles and responsibilities

  • Responsible for Improving registrations of Job Seekers through different channel.
  • To register Job Seekers looking to work as Maids, cooks, Baby Sitters, Patient Care Staff,Drivers, Housekeeping Staff, Office Boy, Delivery and field staff, Helpers in small businesses.
  • Move around in slums across Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai, and in small towns in restof Maharashtra if required, for mobilising, PR and visibility activities
  • Get suitable partners from slums and small towns on board for the purpose of registering Job Seekers
  • Supervise the field staff – free lancers as well as company employees
  • Visit our partner NGOs and organisations working in slums and work with them, as required
  • Proactively find ways of improving visibility of Helper4U in the city, so that the number ofregistrations of Job Seekers increase
  • Improve the efficiency of field staff by setting up and fine tuning processes
  • Manage reports and communication related to the activities conducted by his team
  • Travel across Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai, and other parts of Maharshtra as and when required
  • Interact with the uneducated/semi educated in a respectful way
  • Follow instructions and processes
  • Honest, disciplined, wants to get ahead in life

Preferred Skills

Field Work Team Management

Selection Criteria

Remuneration :

  • The selected candidate will be paid Rs. 16,000 per month, plus travel allowance and mobileallowance for official work.
  • Salary will be increased by at least 10% on successful completion of six months, post a review.


Work experience required :

  • At least 3 years of field work, including one year in a Supervisory role, and one year of work in the slums,
  • Experience should be in  FMCG/ Telecom Recharge/ Financial Inclusion/ Microfinance sales operations.


Qualifications required :

  • Graduation, preferably in Social Work



About Helper4U is an online database of the uneducated ABCDE - Ayah, Bai, Cook, Driver and everyone else like security guards, patient care personnel, courier boys, call centre employees, delivery people. therefore enables a direct connection between the ever-growing middle class Job Givers and the Job Seekers.

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