Mera Job India Private Limited's (Mera Job) 'Refer and Earn' (or Member Get Member) is a value added program that has helped 'genuine' jobseekers get better lives. Mera Job has been running this program successfully for over 3 years. Through this program over 50,000 people have participated and over 80,000 new relationships with genuine and long-term users have been created, who have used Mera Job's services to connect with better job opportunities.

Refer and Earn has always been a program under which Mera Job was giving incentive/reward to people if they refer genuine job-seekers, who create a SmartProfileTm with Mera Job subject to the applicable Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). It is specifically mentioned in the T&Cs of the Refer and Earn program that the Reward or Gift Voucher (as the case may be) will be given by Mera Job only when the Mera Job had satisfied itself in respect of the eligibility of the candidates as per the criteria, including the details of the person being correct & the person being a genuine user of Mera Job's services. In summary, Mera Job has always intended to reward such people (who have referred genuine job-seekers) by crediting certain funds into their Paytm (Mera Job's payout partner) account.

Recently, the Refer and Earn program was subject to abusive usage and exploitation by some unscrupulous people. These unscrupulous people deliberately and illegally attempted to realize the instantaneous credit into their (respective) Paytm account(s) by submitting multiple e-mail id's on the Mera Job Website (of people who may or may not exist OR who may or may not be a job-seekers); due to which reason there was a surge in (a) referrals being made, and (b) ineligible profiles being created.

As the Refer and Earn program referrals and entries are always subject to Mera Job's investigation, Mera Job discovered during its investigations that most of these referrals and entries were fake, bogus and fictitious. It was clear that many of the submissions were undertaken to receive undue & unjustified benefit through credit of funds. In cases where the instruction for credit had already been given, Mera Job has (subsequently) informed Paytm to hold payments on account of Refer and Earn until the investigation is complete. Further details have also been noted by Mera Job that evidence that many of such illegal acts were not only perpetrated by general individuals misusing the Refer and Earn program, but also being instigated by some select group of people who have circulated information on how to abuse the Refer and Earn program through their websites/forums/ social media.

Mera Job is currently conducting a full-fledged investigation into the activities of all referrals made recently and this process is likely to take some additional time. Until the investigations are ongoing, the Refer and Earn program will remain in abeyance/suspended. Any person having any query or concern in this regard is requested to take note of this Public Announcement and not direct multiple queries to Mera Job since the matter involves perpetration of financial fraud and committing of a cyber crime upon Mera Job; which actions need to be reported to appropriate investigation and judicial authorities.

After the initial remedial measures being undertaken by Mera Job, it has been noticed that some persons are starting to post comments on Mera Job's Facebook page and are circulating messages calling others to give Mera Job minimum/bad ratings. Such persons as well the members of the general public are hereby informed that they should refrain from taking such unwarranted activities/steps because suspension of Refer and Earn program is not due to any error on Mera Job's part, but entirely due to the premeditated abuse and misuse by some unscrupulous people.

Till further notice, the public is therefore called upon to refrain from any wrongful actions and the updates on the progress of Mera Job's investigation will be available on the website at regular intervals.