After MBA should I work in a startup or established company?

22-07-2016 / 8:51 am - Career Counselling - 0 Comments

Nowadays, there is a big push for getting startup experience because many exciting new careers are coming from there. MBAs like you have plenty of choices and it is good to see you are thinking them through.

Whether you choose a startup or an established company depends on your own personality. At the start of your career what you learn about the job should be your most important target. You should ask yourself this question – do I perform better when I am taught, or when I learn by doing?

Startups are a great place to learn by doing since your individual contribution is more important and won’t be limited to just a few tasks. You will have to try and do new things all the time. Older companies on the other hand have more structures and rules in place and you will learn by understanding how each process works on its own. 

So, whichever of these sounds better to you is what you should follow. At MeraJob we have jobs in established companies and also jobs in startups. All you have to do is create a SmartProfile™ and apply. Ask more questions if you need further help.

All the best. 

22-07-2016 / 8:51 am - MeraJob Expert

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