Hello..!! I am graphic designer . Currently, I am doing freelancing work in designing, because I am not able to do a job due to personal reasons. Please guide me to build my designing future.

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Most employers are comfortable working with freelance graphic designers since they may only have a one-time requirement. To create a brand name for yourself we suggest the following:

  • Build a good portfolio – put your work up on sites like Behance so people can see your talent. You can build this by doing some free work for friends and family.
  • Make accounts on freelance work websites – MeraJob does not provide freelance work opportunities so we suggest you try sites like Upwork which is meant for that. You may not earn high rates there, but you will get some happy customers who can give you more work later. There are also groups on Facebook etc for design jobs which you should join. 
  • Create a good contract – most freelancers struggle with cost negotiations and payments because design work is unpredictable. Have a clear idea of what you can charge per hour of your work, and also fixed prices for common projects. Also consider asking clients for part-payment in advance and balance on delivery. 

We hope this helps you and please feel free to ask us anything else. 

09-08-2016 / 12:21 pm - MeraJob Expert

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