Hello sir/mam, I Am Anmol Sudha. I have earned my graduation degree from du, kalindi college. Recently I’m working with indusind bank from 2 months. I want the post of teller in the bank can i get ?

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It’s great that you have started in the right industry, as you are already in a prestigious bank. For us to help you further you will have to tell us what you studied at college and what your role is at present.

But, in the meanwhile we can tell you what qualities are needed in a bank teller:

  1. Alertness – handling money means you should have a focussed mind and be comfortable with quick calculations. A small mistake can mean thousands of rupees lost.
  2. Friendliness – you should be good at talking to customers, especially since you hold their hard-earned money in your hands. 
  3. Well-groomed – a bank teller is very often the face of the bank and so you should impress by being smartly dressed and well-groomed at all times.
  4. Handling cash – you must know how to manage accounts, and have a clean record. Being comfortable tracking many transactions a day is essential.

Share some more details so we can help you more. In the meanwhile you should create a SmartProfile™ with us and look at finance roles that are available.

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