How should I choose a career?

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Well, finding the right career is a combination of time and different experiences. It’s like trying to choose your favourite flavour of ice-cream – you have to try and compare to see which suits you best.

But, some basic questions you can ask yourself to start are as follows:

  1. Do I┬áhave any specialised qualifications? If you don’t have technical or management degrees you have to avoid those kind of jobs. General candidates cannot be taken for such roles.
  2. Do I have time to build my profile or am I in a hurry to get a job? It’s always better to allow 3-4 years to understand what work you want to do. In a hurry you will take up jobs that are not suited for your future.
  3. Am I willing to study again after working? Working for 1-2 years and then doing another course of study will give you a solid foundation of both experience and qualification for your future path.

Apart from this you should talk to your friends and family about what jobs they do, whether you like some of them, whether you think you can be good at them. It is about self-discovery.

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29-08-2016 / 11:55 am - MeraJob Expert

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