I completed my MCA in 2015, but my programming and communication skills are poor. I am still unemployed and struggling. Please tell me what should I do to get a job ?

Sumit Gupta, 17-09-2016 / 7:12 am - Career Counselling - 0 Comments

Clear communication is the most basic requirement for work. Even in our personal lives, if we cannot say what we want, or understand what the other person wants, relationships will struggle.

There are 2 aspects to this that you can act on:

  • Spoken and Written English – you should be comfortable in English since that is the international business language. The solution here is to enroll in English language training courses. In addition, you should watch English news, read English magazines etc.
  • Business Communication – this is in addition to the language, and is more about how to communicate daily business matters clearly. For example, if you have to ask someone for accounts for 2014-15 for payments made to a vendor with TIN and specific rupee values, you have to be able to clearly express your requirement. Your bosses and colleagues will appreciate it if you can do this well. 

We are going to have a list of courses on our website very soon. You can pre-register by visiting this link and we will let you know when English language courses are available. 

17-09-2016 / 7:12 am - MeraJob Expert

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