I have been applying to many companies but not getting any interview call. Is there something wrong with my CV? Am I not qualified enough? What should I do to address this problem?

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To be qualified for interview calls, a candidate surely needs a great CV which would mean if the presentation is good in terms of language, structure, depiction of the good work an incumbent has done. The flow of CV is also important envisaging what are the parameters an interviewer wishes to read in a CV. 

Please take a re-look if you have your CV looks authentic and clearly defines your objective, experience, qualification, skill, achievements, information about you and your interests or it seems to be a “Cut-copy-paste”. 

Secondly, you need to do some research around which sources recruiters are active for your kind of profile. Majority of candidates just follow what their friends are doing whereas you may have some specific skill or background which needs correct channellisation. eg. if you are working in energy sector then there are special job portals for the industry. If you are at entry level or have few years of work-ex the MeraJob portal is the right place where you need to spend good time to complete the SmartProfile to ensure your profile is visible to the employers who are looking at your kind of profile.

Third, you need to also check if you are applying through social media then if you are following the steps the recruiter is looking for and if you are sending email then write to the recruiter in the email body what are you looking for and your competency to generate interest and also open your resume which you will attach with the email instead of writing “I am looking for a job please find enclosed my resume”. If you are not interested in the employer why should they be interested in you.

Good Luck!

09-06-2016 / 1:32 pm - MeraJob Expert

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