I want to work in a company that sends abroad for projects. Please tell me about these companies. Thanks!

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It’s almost everyone’s dream to find a job and a fulfilling life abroad. But, before that it is important to know what your talents are, which industry and job role suit you, and then plan for a move abroad. If you take up any job just because it offers you the chance to work abroad then your journey can end sooner than you want.

So, first think of what career you would want to do even in India. let’s take an example – you like sales and you have good English language skills, then try to get a job in a BPO company (like these jobs). Once you’re a part of the industry, prove your talents and leadership to become a team lead. Then, look out for opportunities to help set up new offices at new locations. With this you can show how you can help a BPO company explore new markets and set up teams. Your managers will recognise these skills in you and you will be their pick for international postings.

Think of going abroad as the reward, and not the purpose. This way you will strengthen your case to be sent abroad. Otherwise, you will just be replaced by someone else, and sent back. So, plan to rise to this goal.

After all, Naukri Ka Sawaal Hai!

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