I’m currently pursuing mechanical engineering and would like to know job prospects and functions after my course is over. Kindly help?

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Mechanical engineers have built most of the world around us. Transportation, manufacturing, storage, and many more essential industries need mechanical engineers for very essential roles. 

The question to ask yourself is whether you want to be a hands-on engineer, or a manager. If you want to be an engineer, then you can get started by applying to companies that are looking for someone like you, (like these), or any other company that comes to your campus for placements. Remember that you should have worked on good projects during your course that show you can actually produce something on your own.

If you would rather be a manager, then it is important to have basic business skills like knowledge of spreadsheets, analyzing data, and take up internships during your course. Here you need to show you understand what is important for a business to succeed and that you can use your quantitative skills to for these.

Whatever your choice, remember you will always need to prove your value, so learn how to stand out to a recruiter.

After all, Naukri Ka Sawaal Hai !

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