Hi,After graduation I have been working with Startup (finance and accounts)? So what are advantages and disadvantages of working with startup

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There are a few key advantages and disadvantages of working for a startup. Because the company is still in its nascent stages, there is much scope for growth and creativity. Here are some pros and cons of working for a startup.


  • Room for creativity and experimentation
  • Flexible job descriptions
  • Open and informal work environment 
  • The chance to grow and learn rapidly as you deal with challenges everyday
  • Hard work pays off: You can rise steadily if you put in the hard work
  • Small teams with a common goal: Promotes a positive work culture. You get the chance to work with a group of experienced and passionate people.

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  • You’re on your own: For the most part, you’ll have to figure things out on your own.
  • Uncertain future: It’s difficult to say if the startup will succeed in its business.
  • You can’t be assured of having the job long term. Things change rapidly every day in a startup.
  • There’s little work-life balance, with employees having to put in long hours at work.
  • Lower salaries: Not many startups can afford to pay their employees as much as larger corporations can.

Ultimately, it’s about making your choices. A startup is a great place for you to acquire the right skill sets and experience. The kind of learning that a startup environment provides is unmatched. 

Good luck!

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