I don’t think I m being paid what I deserve. How shd I negotiate for my desired salary? Is the only option to move to another company or can I demand a higher salary for the same role in same cmpny?

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Thank you for the question and its a feeling we get many times at difference stages of our career.

Very first step to understand what you deserve is to look at market referring your own qualification, technical skill, domain knowledge, no. of years of experience, industry you have worked and then your communication skill, ability to present your competence to stockholders or interviewers compared to your peers in the company or market. This brings rationality to the “Deserving-criteria”.

When you negotiate during interview or internally please check your “Employability” for the role you are attached. Clarity of role, responsibility, desired skill and mapping yourself with such expectation gives you confidence where you stand and power to negotiate.

Running away from challenges is not the best solution hence no point looking out for job without trying first within the company. 

You can speak to your reporting manager during formal performance review and also during your regular feedback sessions. If you are keen to learn your strength and improvement areas to progress well, you will get support from the folks you are working with. 

09-06-2016 / 1:32 pm - MeraJob Expert

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