Why is English spelling so difficult?

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Don’t worry if you have a difficult time spelling words in English. Even the children whose first language is English take a long time to learn spelling. There are some rules, but there is also a lot of memorizing involved. English is a semi-phonetic language. That means some¬†words¬†are spelled as they sound, while some are not.

English spelling is rather inconsistent. While one word is spelled in a particular, a very similar sounding word will be spelled quite differently. This is because English is a very old language, and during its long life, it has borrowed many words from other languages. Of course each of the languages had different spelling rules. That is one reason spelling is not consistent. Another reason is that spelling wasn’t standardized (nobody agreed on what it should be) until about one or two hundred years ago. Everybody used different spelling for the same words. Finally someone took the most popular spellings and put them in a dictionary. Now that is how we spell them.

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