How do I introduce myself professionally in an interview?

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This is a great question. Introducing yourself should be the easiest thing and yet it is one of the most confusing.

An interviewer wants to know about you, but only as it relates to your professional life. Your family, your favourite movies, etc are not important here.

And, very importantly, the interviewer will probably ask more questions based on what your answer is here. So a carefully practiced answer will allow you to push the interview in a direction that gives you advantages.

So, talk about 3 things:

  1. Your qualification
  2. Your work strength
  3. Your ideal career

For example, “Hi, I’m Sandeep. I am a computer engineer and I specialise in database management for e-commerce companies. I’m trying for this role because I want to work with a large company where my work will impact customer delivery in a big way.”

You can add a few more details as you want. You can see how I have put in terms that will guide the interviewer, like database management, customer delivery. There are less chances of you being asked something you don’t know if you introduce yourself like this.

You can read more interview related articles here. And you can also apply for jobs with quick interview calls on our site. All the best!


22-08-2016 / 1:27 pm - MeraJob Expert

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