How important is to perform well in Interview or my old work is good enough

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Like a cricketer can have great career statistics, but have a series of bad luck during a final match, similarly we sometimes feel our interview did not represent our capabilities well.

For any employer it is the work that matters, so a strong portfolio, or great examples of past performance will always be the most important reason for anyone to hire you. So your old work is good enough. However, it is not a guarantee, since you might be competing with equally talented people. This is where an interview plays a role. You need to show that you are a confident person, who will be a good fit with the team, and is clearly excited about working at that company. Look at these 7 Qualities Recruiters Look For In An Interview

So remember, if the talent is equal, it is the interview which will be the decider. 

After all, Naukri Ka Sawaal Hai !

09-06-2016 / 10:25 am - MeraJob Expert

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