How should I describe my past job experiences, what we did, what were our responsibilities? And also what change will I bring if they hire me?

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When an interview asks you about past experiences they want to know if you will be able to carry out tasks and solve problems on your own. You have to show them you have tackled important tasks and also that you have confidence when you describe them. 

Giving a good answer includes doing some research on the new company and role in advance. You have to smartly find connections between your old job and new to show how your experience will be useful here also. For example, having worked in sales someone will be well-prepared for a role in client management. 

The change you will bring must be 2 – efficiency in doing the work, and organisation in planning tasks and strategies. The employer doesn’t just want someone good, but someone who leaves a mark. You have to show that your work will have an impact even after you’re gone. This could mean making sales strategies, or a better reporting system for inventory. 

These questions really test how clear you are about your work and how far ahead you can think on your own.

22-08-2016 / 1:27 pm - MeraJob Expert

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