I start stammering in the middle of interviews even though I know the answer well. I become tense and I cannot continue after that. I pause for some time and then try to recollect the answer.

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Being nervous in an interview is very common and happens to everyone. You are already doing well by pausing and starting again.

Apart from that you must remember 2 thing always:

  1. The interviewer is not your enemy, and he/she is not trying to make you fail. Often we feel like a victim with the interviewer aiming a gun at us by asking us tough questions. This is hardly correct. By asking hard question they are trying to find the smartest candidates, and not personally trying to torture you. By thinking this way you can reduce a lot of your nervousness.
  2. This job interview is not the last interview of your life. You will have many more after this. If you feel that this interview will ruin your life then you’ll become even more nervous. It is never that serious. In fact, every failure makes us better prepared for the net one so it’s never a waste.

Once you have repeated these 2 facts to yourself you should feel better. After that what you should do is practice mock interviews, either in front of a mirror, or with a friend. Ask tough questions and answer them over and over.

Think of the most frightening questions like – “Why are your exam results so bad?”, “Why should we hire you when no one else will?”, “What makes you think you are good enough to work here?”. Then answer these calmly and thoughtfully. In 1-2 sentences convince the other person. When you hear these again in your next interview you will not be shocked or nervous. 

And finally, you can always use humour. When you start stammering make a little joke on yourself, let the interview also see that you are confident and not afraid. This should reduce any tensions and allow you to feel a little calm, and release some good hormones to relax you. 

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