If an employer ask about our personal life then should we tell him/her about it? Also If an employer ask that why did we leave our last job then should we tell him/her about the bad experience?

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  1. “Tell me about yourself” is a very common question in your job interview. Although a very basic question, it can often be the most difficult one to answer. When answering, don’t recite details from your CV—that’s already there for the interviewer to see. Avoid bringing in personal details. Instead, throw light on what your education was about, your recent work experience and what it meant to you.  Typically, your interviewer will not ask you more personal questions than that. 
  2. When asked about why you quit your last job, respond with something like “the previous job was not challenging/satisfying enough” rather than criticising the employers or the colleagues. A safe response such as that will allow the interviewers to believe that you are well prepared for all kinds of challenges at work.

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