What is the correct answer to the question “What was the reason for leaving your last company?”

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This is a common question that many people struggle with. You should answer in a way that shows you are dynamic and like to try new challenges, and not like someone who is unreliable. 

The reasons for leaving a job can be the following:

  • You had grown in your role there and wanted to try something new.
  • You want a new challenge that tests your skills.
  • You want to remain updated by working in a new industry.

You can pick one of these that is suitable for you, or write your own. As long as you are not blaming anyone, or anything, you should be okay.

We will be happy to help with more questions like these, so don’t hesitate to ask. Meanwhile, you can see our many helpful articles on interview preparation to perform better. 

10-08-2016 / 5:34 am - MeraJob Expert

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