Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions are applicable upon all members of the general public within India and are of the age of 18 years an above, who are using the Recruitment Center (which includes Website, Mobile Application, Social Media, etc.) of Mera Job India Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “MJI”). This T&C’s shall also be applicable on the "Job Seekers" (collectively herein after referred to as ‘JS’) who have voluntarily evinced interest in having their own job profile with by creation of a SmartProfile. The SmartProfile for the JS that will be created by MJI, will be shared with the interested “Employers”/“3rd parties" (collectively herein after referred to as ‘Clients of MJI’) who are availing the recruitment services/related services (collectively herein after referred to as ‘Services’) of MJI in India or abroad. The JS and Clients of MJI shall hereinafter collectively refer to as the Users.

It is hereby clarified by MJI that the Services being rendered by MJI to the Users (including JS and Clients of MJI) are in the nature of being recruitment/training/related services; in course of which MJI is required to provide details and information of prospective candidates, including SmartProfiles, to the Employers, who use MJI’s subscription based services upon their specific requirements (skill/qualification based or on other parameters)

Basis the above need, MJI is creating a database of SmartProfiles (using proprietary technology of MJI) of JS wherein the JS voluntarily provides his/her information/details/ personally identifiable data with MJI for the creation of the SmartProfile.

All SmartProfiles created by MJI are subject to the following terms and conditions that compulsorily are applicable upon the JS who have permitted their respective SmartProfiles to be created by MJI.

Voluntary Disclosure: The JS confirms, agrees and acknowledges that he/she is providing their information/details/ personally identifiable data with MJI for the creation of the SmartProfile voluntarily. The JS also confirms and acknowledges that they have been disclosed the purpose of the submission of the information/data and accordingly agree/consent to the terms and conditions applicable upon the JS as stipulated by MJI from time to time.

Veracity of Information: The JS hereby confirms, agrees and acknowledges that he/she has provided true and correct information/details/ personally identifiable data to MJI for the creation of their SmartProfile. JS acknowledges that the information/ data being provided by the JS to MJI is correct, complete and updated in all respects at all times and does not contain any false, distorted, manipulated, fraudulent or misleading facts or averments. MJI will not be liable for any misrepresentation/incorrect facts, etc. that are provided by the JS and each JS shall be entirely responsible & liable for the veracity of the information shared with MJI for the creation of the SmartProfile. JS acknowledges the fact that MJI will reply upon the information / data provided (by the JSs to MJI) and accordingly share the information on the JS(s) with interested 3rd parties/clients. The JS(s) agree(s) to bear the sole risk and responsibility for the information provided including the veracity and accuracy thereof and also agree(s) to indemnify MJI for all losses incurred by MJI due to any false, distorted, manipulated, fraudulent or misleading facts given by JS(s) to MJI.

Continuing Acceptance of terms and conditions: The JS acknowledges that by sharing, his/her information/data OR responding to any marketing communications of MJI, OR by creation of SmartProfile (regardless of the level of completion); he/she has voluntarily accepted the terms and conditions applicable upon the JS from time to time including future version thereof, for which MJI will not be responsible or liable (in any manner) to intimate the JS of the changes in the terms and conditions (at any point in time).

Waiver of Rights: The JS hereby confirms that by creation of the SmartProfile, the JS has granted the right to MJI (to the exclusion / waiver of the individual JS’s rights) to (i) provide/share the information of the JS to/with the prospective employers on a repeated basis based on job opportunities and requirements to keep SmartProfiles current and usable, without seeking JS’s consent each time, (ii) make calls/send SMS’s to the JS pursuant which shall not constitute unsolicited commercial communications/calls/SMS under the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) regulations and/or any such applicable law, (iii) send e-mails to the JS pursuant to any job-related information or otherwise (iv) use the information of the SmartProfiles for offering value-added services to the JS as well as related marketing/business activities determined by MJI at its sole discretion, (v) share information of any/all JS with 3rd parties for purposes including but not limited to background, skill development courses to JS, etc.

Grant of Permission: By creation of the SmartProfile, the JS confirms that MJI has the right to assess JS(s) eligibility/fitness for any particular job(s) based on MJI’s proprietary tools. Further, basis such assessment, MJI has the right to infer capabilities and skills of the JS(s) vis-a-vis score the JS(s) for a fit as regards any particular job(s) on a best effort basis. The JS(s) shall at no time have any right to question and/or dispute the manner & methodology of MJI in this regard. MJI also has the right to revise/adjust scores based on MJI’s internal methodology which would be based on the background, skills, preferences and other related information disclosed by the JS(s). For illustration, a JS could face a revision of scores due to “no shows” for interviews or incorrect information given in the preparation of the SmartProfile. The JS(s) unequivocally agree to the manner/method for the scoring adopted by MJI without any protest/dispute towards the same. JS will not hold MJI liable for any such assessment and/or consequent score provided to client of MJI/ the prospective employer by MJI.

Notwithstanding to what has been agreed under this T&C’s, inability of MJI to provide suitable job opportunities to JS, shall not be considered as deficiency of service under any circumstances, at any point of time.

Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability: The JS understand(s) and acknowledge(s) that creation of SmartProfile or any such assessment by MJI of JS does not constitute an “interview” for any employment opportunities nor does the SmartProfile assure/guarantee/promise (in any manner whatsoever) prospective employment to each/any JS. JS also understand(s) and acknowledge(s) that while offering such Services, MJI is merely acting as an intermediary/facilitator between the JS and the Client of MJI/ prospective employer. By doing so, MJI does cannot assure/guarantee the JS of any assured employment or any other aspect with regards the prospective employment including but not limited to description of employment, designation, grant of benefits, quality work environment, etc. No JS shall hold MJI responsible and/or liable in the event JS is not shortlisted for and/or fails to receive any employment opportunities and/or any response/satisfactory response from any prospective employer, pursuant to availing the recruitment services of MJI. No JS can hold MJI responsible for any actions/omissions that may occur inadvertently and/or due to human error and/or on the part of any prospective employer(s).

Continued Applicability: By creation of the SmartProfile, the JS confirms that MJI will keep and regard the SmartProfile(s) to continue within the MJI database until the particular JS contacts MJI for the removal of the SmartProfile. Furthermore, MJI is not under any obligation to validate, update or revalidate the contents of the SmartProfile of any JS and it is the obligation of the JS to voluntarily update his/her SmartProfile with MJI. Also, these terms and conditions (as applicable from time to time) continue to be applicable to JS until such time that the JS contacts MJI for the removal of the SmartProfile. The JS, by getting the SmartProfile done through MJI, also agrees that the SmartProfile forms a part of MJI's proprietary database which can be shared with MJI's prospective clients or any employers at any point of time. MJI cannot be held liable for sharing of any data with clients or other unrelated 3rd parties, if the JS does not voluntarily remove their SmartProfile from MJI's proprietary database.

Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction: All disputes/differences of any JS with regards MJI and/or the Services, shall be subject to the laws of the Republic of India and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at New Delhi only.

All ‘Employer Online Access' (EOA) product features created by MJI are subject to the following terms and conditions that compulsorily are applicable upon the Employer/User who have or are proposing to register with the EOA Product(s) of MJI.

Notwithstanding the other defined terms already applicable in this Terms & Conditions or elsewhere in TOU or Privacy Policy; specifically for this section (EOA), the following definitions would be applicable.

Definitions: In these conditions the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings unless the context requires otherwise:

Campaign/Job: Any job listing issued by the MJI through its portal/website/Recruitment Centre, viz, www.merajob.in and MJI's Mobile Application, on behalf of the Employer. Job Seeker (JS): A candidate who applies for a vacancy advertised on the portal www.merajob.in and/or a person who uses the portal www.merajob.in  OR Recruitment Centre or any other channels described hereinabove above, for the purpose of finding/seeking employment or for learning and improving their chances to apply for and be selected for the right job.

Subscriber/Client: The person(s) who have signed a Service Agreement for use of the Services of the MJI and includes an Employer/recruiter.

Employer: The person(s) who have signed a Service Agreement for use of the Services of the MJI.

SmartProfileTM: Visual display of resume capturing skills, preference and intent of the Job Seeker

Dashboard: Platform to track the job application for the

Services: The Services which the MJI has agreed to provide to the Client and the Services which are available on the portal/website/Recruitment Centre of the MJI for use by the Job Seeker(s) including:

  • Service to the Job Seeker wishing to post a resume or curriculum vitae for the purpose of seeking employment.
  • Service to the User who wishes to receive advertisements and promotional messages on the portal/website/Recruitment Centre of the MJI viz., www.merajob.in and through emails.

Products: The Products of MJI are broadly categorised in two parts: (a) Listing and (b) Pre- Screening Solutions. The Listing category has been further sub-divided into two parts, i.e. Job Listing Solutions and Branded Hiring Solutions. Job Listing Solutions includes Basic Jobs, Smart Jobs and Hot Jobs, while Branded Hiring Solutions will include Featured Jobs and Top Companies. The Product details along with features and price structure are detailed under the Employer section of the Site/portal, which may be amended/ removed by MJI at its sole discretion. The Products available on the Site/portal/Recruitment Centre can be availed by the Client/Employer in combinations or individually. These Products will be subject to the separate price sheet as will be shared by MJI on the Site/Recruitment Centre from time to time. The links to the Products are as under.

User: Is either a job seeker or an Employer or recruitment agency or any other person/entity who avails/subscribes to /of any Service of the MJI, whether or not registered on portal of the MJI and includes his successors and permitted assigns.

Registration Form: Form required to be filled/completed/accepted by the User for use of Services under the Campaign.

Agreement: Shall mean and include the completed Application Form, its attachment(s) and the terms and conditions stated herein, duly completed/executed/accepted by the User. It shall be deemed to have been executed in New Delhi.

Service Agreement The arrangement/ agreement executed by the MJI with the Client/Employer.

MJI: Is defined as Merajob India Pvt. Ltd., an existing company under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at N-91, Greater Kailash, Part 1, New Delhi -110048 Date of Commencement: Is the date indicating the acceptance of the application by the User of the Service. It shall be specified by the MJI in its notice to the User either through e- mail.

Date of Termination: Is the date of expiry of the Agreement communicated by the MJI through notice or/and letter of termination.

Registration Data: Is the database of all the particulars and information supplied by the User on initial application and subscription, including but without limiting to the User's name, telephone number, mailing address, account and email address.

A. Job listing on the job search section(s) of the MJI

  1. The MJI shall place the information relating to vacancies in the job search sections of the MJI viz., Merajob.in or such other mirror or parallel site(s) or in allied publications as the MJI may deem fit and proper but such additional web hosting shall be without any extra cost to the subscriber / Client. The detailed features and functionality of the Job Listing Solutions and Branded Hiring Solutions are available on the Employer section of the Site/Portal, links of which are shared hereinabove.
  2. The insertion so displayed in the job search section of the MJI /Merajob.in shall be for a period (currently maximum 30 days, depending upon the Products category), which period is subject to change without notice. Every instance of reposting of existing listing entitles the Client to an additional period (currently maximum 30 days, as per the Products) starting from the date on which the listing is reposted and shall be counted as fresh posting; however prevailing reposting charges will apply.
  3. The MJI reserves its right to reject any insertion or information/data provided by the Subscriber/Client without assigning any reason either before uploading or after uploading the vacancy details, but in such an eventuality, any amount so paid for, may be refunded to the Subscriber/Client on a pro-rata basis at the sole discretion of the MJI.
  4. By posting/uploading a job on the portal/website/Recruitment Centre, Client confirm that they have obtained all licenses/permits as are necessary for the purposes of recruitment and accordingly, Client agree to indemnify the MJI against all claims, damages arising out of actions/claims that may be made/brought against the MJI in relation to the same.
  5. The MJI has the right to make modifications/edits to the vacancy details, as it may deem fit, in order to fit the same to its database.
  6. All information provided by the Client and displayed by the MJI becomes public knowledge and the MJI may at its sole discretion include the vacancy provided by a subscriber for display on the portal of the MJI viz., Merajob.in in any other media including the print media at no extra costs to the subscriber. It is clarified that the MJI shall not be held liable for usage/publicity of such information.
  7. The MJI offers no guarantee/warranty that the Client would receive any response/ satisfactory response once the job is put on display.
  8. The MJI shall in no way be held liable for any information received by the recruiter/Employer and it shall be the sole responsibility of the subscriber to check, authenticate and verify the information/response received at its own cost and expense.
  9. The MJI would not be held liable for any loss of data, technical or otherwise, information, particulars supplied by the subscriber, due to reasons beyond its control like corruption of data or delay or failure to perform as a result of any causes or conditions that are beyond the MJI's reasonable control including but not limited to strike, riots, civil unrest, Govt. policies, tampering of data by unauthorized persons like hackers, war and natural calamities.
  10. The MJI will commence providing Services only upon receipt of the requisite amount/charges/fees upfront either from the Subscriber/Client/Employer or from a third party on behalf of the Subscriber/Client/Employer.
  11. The Client/Employer shall be deemed to have given an undertaking to the MJI that the jobs sought to be advertised on the job search section of the MJI viz., Merajob.in are in existence, are genuine and that the subscriber/Client/Employer has the authority to advertise such jobs.
  12. The Subscriber/Client/Employer must give an undertaking to the MJI that there will be no fee charged from any person who responds to jobs advertised on the job search section of the MJI viz., merajob.in for processing of applications / responses from such person.
  13. The MJI reserves its right to change the look, feel, design, prominence, depiction, classification of the job search section of the MJI.com at any time without assigning any reason and without giving any notice.
  14. The Client/Subscriber/Employer shall be assigned password (s) by the MJI to enable the subscriber to post vacancies on the portal of the MJI in agreed upon section(s), but the sole responsibility of the safe custody of the password shall be that of the Client and the MJI shall under no circumstances be responsible for data loss/theft of data/corruption of data or the wrong usage/misuse of the password and/or any damage and/or leak of information and its consequential usage by a third party. The MJI undertakes to take all reasonable precautions at its end to ensure that there is no leakage/misuse of the password granted to the subscriber by the MJI.
  15. The User of these services does not claim any copyright or other intellectual property right(s) over the data uploaded by him/her on the website of the MJI.
  16. The MJI may, in its sole discretion update the changes made to Job Seeker application status by the Employer/recruiter.
  17. The present terms and conditions would be governed by the laws of India and all disputes arising out of the transactions between the Client and the MJI will be subject to the jurisdiction of courts situated in Delhi alone.

B. Account Protection

  1. Your password is the key to your account. You shall be solely responsible for all the activities happening under your username and you shall be solely responsible for keeping your password secure. Do not disclose your password to anyone. If you share your password or your personal information with others, you shall be solely responsible for all actions taken under your username and you may lose substantial control over your personal information and may be subjected to legally binding actions. Therefore, if your password has been compromised for any reason, you should immediately change your password.
  2. In the event HTML goes through a business transition, such as a merger, acquisition by another MJI, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, your personally identifiable information will likely be among the assets transferred. Where your information is transferred you will be notified via email/prominent notice on our website for 30 days of any such change in ownership or control of your personal information. Security.
  3. The security of your personal information is important to us. When you enter your personal information we treat the data as an asset that must be protected and use tools (encryption, passwords, physical security, etc.) to protect the information provided by you against unauthorized access and disclosure. However, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure, therefore, while we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect all the information provided by you, we cannot guarantee its absolute security nor can we guarantee that third parties shall not unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications, and that other users may abuse or misuse the information that you provide. Therefore, although we work hard to protect your information, we do not promise/commit, and you should not expect, that your personal information or private communications will always remain private.

C. Passwords and security

  1. To protect the secrecy of the User identity and/or password the User shall take all such measures as may be necessary (including but without limiting to changing his password from time to time) and shall not reveal the same to any other person(s).
  2. Since a user identification is necessary to access the Service; the User shall use only his/her own User identification.
  3. It is agreed by the User that he acquires no rights to any mailbox number or/and the User identification or/and circuit reference or/and any codes assigned to him by the MJI. The User further agrees that except as otherwise proved herein, the MJI reserves the right to change or/and re-assign the same to the User at its sole discretion without being liable to the User for any kind of damages or/and relief or/and any other consequence/s.
  4. In the event of theft or/and loss of User identification or/and password or/and security word, the User shall notify the MJI immediately by telephone or/and personally concurrently provide the MJI with a written notice to that effect. The User shall remain liable for use of the Services by any third party until such theft or loss is notified to the MJI.
  5. The password and username being made available to the User shall be used only by the organization named by the User and the employee of the organization. The User shall take all necessary pre-cautions to prevent un-authorized access or/and leakage of username or/and password being provided by the MJI to him.